27 January 2016

Recital Flyer, Facebook link, and other info

You are all cordially invited to this special evening of wonderful music! 

Please invite your family and friends. Let's fill the Tabernacle, and be inspired. Pianists will be interested as well, so if you have friends who play piano, they will be enthralled by our top-notch accompanists.

I am constantly amazed at how hard our musicians work, and this is a great chance to honor them. 

We have two special guests as well, graduates from previous years. 

Sarah Pehrson, our concert master (of then-LYS), graduated in 2011 from Fremont High and received her Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from Snow College in 2015. 

Most of you probably remember our other guest! Clayton Johnson, our principal viola, graduated in 2015 from BRHS and is a freshman viola student at BYUI. 

I'm so happy to have both of them return to share their talents with us.

Click here for a PDF suitable for printing and handing around. I did not get this in the paper (sorry, guys!), so let's do our best to get the word out.
*****(If the file doesn't show on your screen, try printing or downloading. It seems to be working even if the file shows up black. Weird.)

Thanks! You are all awesome!



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