12 January 2016

Not Just Bowings -- Everyone read this!


Here are the bowings for "that spot" in the 5th movement of the Carmen. It's only the second violin part since the picture of this part is most readable, but you are all really smart, and you'll be able to use this to bow the first violin, viola and cello parts as well because everyone is playing the same melody. Aren't you happy? You should be! :)


The first​ Northern Utah Youth Symphony recital is coming up on January 30th, 6:30 pm, Brigham City Tabernacle. If you haven't signed up, it isn't too late! There are still at least 4 spaces left. This is the perfect opportunity for a performance practice as you prepare for contests this spring! Take advantage of the opportunity. Text me if you have any questions, or use the form at the following link to sign up at any time. http://goo.gl/forms/nBLgPWH2ad

This Week:
The Gliere Horn Concerto rental music arrives TOMORROW and I will prepare it for you so we can begin learning it this Saturday.

Prepare: Watch the 3rd Movement of the Gliere Horn Concerto on youtube. It's only 7 minutes. You can do this! If everyone were to do this at least once before Saturday it would make everything 500x easier! https://youtu.be/0dKU3MFq70g  

​See you at regular rehearsal this Saturday!


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