29 January 2016

Attention: NUYS Starting Late Tomorrow

Rehearsal: 9:30 to 11:30 January 30, Promontory School

The storm in the forecast has given us pause, and we are going to begin rehearsal an hour late, and run an extra half hour at the end. Please do the best you can to attend as much as possible. In reality, however, safety is more important.

These types of decisions are difficult since we are making decisions about the future which is truly impossible to predict. However, from what I've gleaned from different forecasts, the rain should turn to snow overnight, but if we start a little later, the road forecast (UDOT) shows that things should look better after 9 or so. 

Please stay tuned, and check for texts or other emails before leaving to attend rehearsal tomorrow morning. 

Yours in safety,

Julie and Conrad

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