07 December 2015

NUYS Stuff.... Read it. There will be a quiz. ;)


1. Civic Club
We are looking for a few interested musicians who will play a short piece, or even section of a piece, for the Civic Club and the Brigham City Community Center, Thursday December 17th, 3:30 to 4:00 pm. Contact me if you are willing!

2. Recital, January 30
Our Recital Sign Up has begun! Even if you auditioned for Concerto Night, I need you to fill this out so I know you are planning on performing. There is a handy dandy form to make this easy on everyone; just click this link

​3. Christmas Party Volunteers
I had a lot of people sign up to help with food at the Christmas Party. Please reply and let me know if you are still interested in helping that day. I need one person to head up setting out potluck treats that day, and a few more to plan on an extra nice offering, so we can stack the deck in our favor. I also need one person to help me with the white elephant exchange. (Sorry I haven't asked sooner. I was quite sick last week.)

4. Christmas Party Details
Date: December 19, 2015
Time: After rehearsal (we might get out early!) until Noon
Bring: A treat or snack to share (it doesn't have to be sweet!)
And: A Wrapped White Elephant Gift --> something you find in your house, do not spend any money!​

5. Attendance! (ACT?)
Are you taking the ACT this Saturday? Do you have other conflicts? Please let us know! If you know now that you will be missing rehearsal in January, or March even, the form works for that too! Find it at this link.

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