20 November 2015


Quick reminders for tomorrow:

1. Music. All music including folders will be left on the stands after the concert. You will get your folder back at the next rehearsal in two weeks. If you have personal music or school music in there, please leave it home. You will get it back, but not for two weeks!

2. Food. Don't forget your food assignment so we can pig out between the rehearsal and the concert (JK about pigging out). 
Please bring (Last Name) 
A-J Fruits or Veggies
K-R Desserts
S-Z Chips

​3. Concert attire. Formal Concert Black (tux or equivalent for guys, all black for girls). More info on the website.  ​

4. See you tomorrow! All questions are good questions, so ask if you have one. 

BRHS 1450 S Main, Garland Utah
10:30 begin arriving and setting up
11:00 call time (be there for sure)
Rehearsal until 1:30 (NUYCO eats at 1:00)
1:30 NUYS eats
2:30 call time
3:00 concert


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