17 November 2015

Rehearsal, Luncheon, Concert: This Saturday


This Saturday is our first concert! It's going to be wonderful!

Location: Bear River High School Auditorium, 1450 S Main, Garland

Here is the schedule:
Arrive before 11 am, help set up, begin rehearsing as soon as possible.
Rehearse until 1:30 pm
Go eat, dress up, and prepare for the concert.
3pm - concert.

You all received flyers on Saturday with food assignments, except we adjusted the food assignment slightly, so here is the REVISED (read photoshopped) flyer. 

So, this one is Correct! If the image doesn't show in your email, here's what it says: 
NUYS & NUYCO Lovely Luncheon 
Saturday Nov 21st
meat, cheese, rolls provided
Please bring (Last Name) 
A-J Fruits or Veggies
K-R Desserts
S-Z Chips
CU There! U R GR8!

If you have questions about clothing, please contact me. Black socks/tights. No No-show socks! Black BOW TIE for boys; I only have one spare, so get one before Saturday. The Peach Tree in Brigham City is like a mini Quilted Bear. They have a tie booth. Inexpensive and (for some) convenient. (This isn't an endorsement; but my boys like it there!)

This is going to be a great weekend!

Also, please note: There is no rehearsal November 28, which is Thanksgiving weekend, but there are rehearsals in December on the 5th, 12th, and 19th (and there will also be a Christmas Party on the 19th after rehearsal, 11-12).

Interested in performing a solo or small ensemble number in our upcoming recital, January 30? Watch for the sign up sheet at the concert! 

:) Julie

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