04 November 2015

Facebook Event for Concert, Call for T-Shirt Extra Orders, and Press Release

Greetings, all ye awesome people!

Here is a link to the Facebook Event for the upcoming concert. If you are able, please share far and wide!

I am almost ready to order T-Shirts, but I want to make sure that there are no additional orders from parents, siblings, or friendly people wanting an easy way to spread the word about our awesome groups! Shirts are $7, or $9 for XXL. 

I need to know by Friday (November 6th) if you are interested in adding to the order. Just reply to this email. Colors are Purple, Navy, Red, Green, Hot Pink, Black, and Teal. Sizes are standard, unisex, youth and adult. :)

​The Press Release was sent to the papers today. It has also been published on the blog. Please feel free to share the link: http://www.lincolnyouthsymphony.com/2015/11/press-release-symphonic-sampler-nov-21.html

​Thanks for everything! Don't forget*** the attendance form ***if you are going to be late, leave early, or cannot attend a rehearsal.​
Have a great evening! ​
​Julie Gardner, Manager​

Did you know the website is a blog? All group emails are posted to the blog, which is totally searchable! Check it out...

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