05 October 2015

Volunteer Form


Thanks to everyone who signed up at the parent meeting to volunteer! I was so overwhelmed by the number of people willing to help.

I have discovered that I need a more specific list of volunteers, and have created this form in hopes that it will help us track them. This is for NUYCO and NUYS, and will help us know who to call on throughout the year. 

Thank you so much for participating! It should be quick, easy and harmless, and would be most amazing if I had a response from every family by the end of today. Well, not really. How about Friday? :)

Julie Gardner

Here is another link for the volunteer form: http://goo.gl/forms/0ykeSNrpG4

PS Thanks to everyone participating in the Attendance Form method of notifying me of rehearsals you can't attend, or if you will be late or leave early. If you want to try it (and you know you do), here is the link. :) So cool for all of us!

Did you know the website is a blog? All group emails are posted to the blog, which is totally searchable! Check it out...

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