09 October 2015

Music, Concertos, Recital, Retreat


Tomorrow at rehearsal we will be handing out two new pieces and putting one on the "long term work" list. We will be performing Scheherazade on the April concert, next spring, in its entirety. That is the goal. This is a phenomenal piece of music, and we know we are capable of it, but realize the need for more time to really make it amazing.

For the November concert our pieces will be as follows (drum roll please)
William Tell Overture, Rossini
Flute Concerto in D, first movement, Mozart (Allison Francis, soloist)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Sleigh Ride, Leroy Anderson

We will keep Scheherazade and work on it throughout the year. 

Concerto Soloists
Also, congratulations to our other concerto soloists this year who will be
MaKenzie Harris, Gliere Horn Concerto, Feb 20
Megan Brasher, Barber Violin Concerto, April 28

Recital Night
The other four musicians who participated in concerto auditions will be featured performers on our Recital Night which is set for January 30 in the Brigham City Tabernacle. The remainder of the program is open to solo and small groups of students from both orchestras. Sign ups will begin soon! 

One note about the retreat: If you are still on the "maybe" list, please realize that this is rehearsal that weekend (actually, it's 3 rehearsals!), and if you don't have another reason to not participate, please make the effort to attend. We do have fun, we do play games, have skits, and be crazy, but we need you at rehearsal too! 

We have people that are coming to just part of it, or we have had people not spend the night and just come up Friday night and then again on Saturday (and I can let you know what the costs are for partial participation... just ask), but it's really best to attend the whole thing!

I don't know for sure how many chaperons I need until I have a specific commitment, one way or the other, from each of you.

Thanks for everything, especially your support and commitment!

Don't forget to use the the Attendance Form if you need to arrive late, leave early, or be absent. It's working very nicely. Thank you to those who have used it!

Julie Gardner
Conrad Dunn

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