27 September 2015

NUYS: Important Info!

This is a test; I've just updated the contacts for the year. Hopefully nothing bounces! If you receive this and you should not be on the list, please reply and let me know. Hoping I haven't missed anyone.

Rehearsal Time for Oct 3 only
Rehearsal on October 3 will run 8 am to 10 am, for this week only. Thank you for your willingness to work with us on this last-minute change! It was requested by several parents, as well as the conducting staff.

All other rehearsals are as previously announced. 
William Tell Music for Violins
Violins who did not receive a copy of William Tell: See attached. 
Or, here are the links: Violin 1, and Violin 2.

Text Message Blast
I will try sending out a test text message blast this week as well, just to test it, and also to make sure everyone knows about the rehearsal time change.

Parent Meeting
Thank you for the great attendance at the parent meeting, and for all your happy cheering! 

If you missed the Parent Meeting I will have the PowerPoint from the presentation available soon. Stay tuned!

Please contact me with any questions.

Use the Attendance Form if you need to miss, arrive early or late. Thanks! 

Julie Gardner
Managing Director
Did you know the website is a blog? All group emails are posted to the blog, which is totally searchable! Check it out...

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