19 May 2015

All-Star Concert, Survey, Party


All-Star concert, tonight, 7pm, at Abravanel Hall. Plenty of tickets at the door. A most inspiring concert, including Krystell, Clay, Josh, Travis and Garrett! You will love it. :)

I created a survey and posted it on the website before the last concert and then TOTALLY forgot to invite you to fill it out.

So, will you fill it out? It's for anyone: Parents, Musicians, Audience Members, People planning to play this fall.  

  • The party is A WEEK FROM SATURDAY. 
  • May 30, 2015, 12 pm until we are tired
  • Where: 2800 S 1200 W, Perry
  • Bring: A treat or snack to share; there will be some food provided, but just bring your favorite thing.
  • Who: Anyone in NUYS this year, or looking into next year, or who was in NUYCO, parents (invited but not required), conductors, conductors' daughters, etc.
  • Why: Because we love to have fun!

Did you know the website is a blog? All group emails are posted to the blog, which is totally searchable! Check it out...


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Seems like a great party... I missed. I was interested to join in a concert, please let me know is there a new one upcoming. You can try PanXpan(an analytics software) that has a survey response module which can help with this.