30 April 2015

Party Date -- Please Reply

Hello all ye wonderful people!

The 9th of May is the State Orchestra Festival, so it may pose a serious problem in regards to the original date for the party, for those who may be attending, and we want as many people as possible to come.

I have chosen a couple other options.

Please reply with "all options work for me" or tell me which ones do not work.


Option 1: Saturday, May 9th, 11am to 2pm (as originally announced)
Option 2: Saturday, May 9th, Evening (if you have limits, tell them to me)
Option 3: Friday, May 8th, Evening (again, if you have limits, tell them to me)

The following weekend is problematic, and the week after that is Memorial Day weekend, so that's out as well.

:) Julie

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