18 February 2015

NUYS Important Info

Feb 21 Concert Schedule
(No Perry Rehearsal)​

The concert is this Saturday!
Be sure to share the event on facebook, and pay special attention to this schedule:
12.30 pm call time, set up stage
1.00 pm NUYS rehearsal on stage
3.15 pm NUYCO rehearsal on stage
4.30 pm call time for concert
5.00 pm Concert - free admission
Thanks to PetsFirst! Wellness Center for sponsoring the concert. We love inviting our audience to attend for free!
Note: we are still seeking a sponsor for the April concert. Please contact us if you have an interest in sponsoring a concert.
Facebook Event Link: http://www.northernutahyouthsymphony.org/2015/02/concert-event-on-facebook.html
Concert attire is 'concert black'. Please read the description on the website if you need to! www.NorthernUtahYouthSymphony.org/p/concert-dress.html
Abravanel Hall Info
If you didn't turn in your permission slip for Abravanel Hall, I need your information and your slip on the day of the concert, for sure.
Info Here: http://www.northernutahyouthsymphony.org/2015/02/abravanel-hall-papers.html
Gala Dinner Ticket Sales -- the Gala is March 14, 6pm.
Ticket packets for the Gala were handed out Saturday. If you still need one, ask Josie Anderson. She will have chocolate for everyone who brings ticket money this Saturday, and a king sized candy bar for the person who turns in the most money. She will do this each week until March 7th. You are responsible for your tickets, to either sell them and turn in the money, or return the tickets to Josie.
Silent Auction​
We are also doing a silent auction, but not quite as big as last year's. We probably don't need a donation from every family, but we still need help from most. We are looking for nice, new items, preferably donated from businesses in the Tremonton, Brigham, Logan and Ogden area.
Did you know the website is a blog? All group emails are posted to the blog, which is totally searchable! Check it out...

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