10 January 2015

NUYS Stuff

​Welcome Back!

It ​was great to see everyone today! If you missed, we missed you. Please come as consistently as possible. We have rehearsal EVERY WEEK, including three day weekends.

Upcoming concerts

Saturday, ​February 
21, 5 pm
Logan High School

​(Please note that the time has been chosen for this)

​Monday, March 2, Time TBA (Daytime)
Abravanel Hall, Youth Symphony Festival

Our April concert date will be solidified by next week. Please let me know if you have discovered an insurmountable obstacle to either Thursday April 23 or Friday April 24. 

Please note: April 25 is State Solo & Ensemble, so it bodes to be a very long day for anyone who goes.

​Measure Numbers

In order to help you complete your assignment to number the measures in the Rimsky-Korsakov, here are the 
Capriccio Espagnole measur
​ at key points in the piece. I don't think we're playing all the movements, but haven't paid enough attention to know which one(s) we are skipping, so I have included all of them. ​

I. Alborada
A. 14
B.  27
C.  41
Total 72
II. Variazioni
D.  22
E. 41
Tempo 1. 89
F. 102
G. 117
Total 128
III. Alborada
H. 14
I.  27

​[There is no J]
K. 41
Total 72
IV. Scena e Canto Gitano
L. 3
a tempo 15
a tempo 20
M. 27
N. 44
O. 67
P. 81
Q. 91
Animato 102
Total 108
V. Fandango
R. 25
S. 50
T. 90
U. 108
V. 136
W. 156
X. 164
Coda 172
Y. 184
Z. 204
Presto 214
Total 228

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