15 December 2015

NUYS and NUYCO Par-tay!


This Saturday is the NUYS and NUYCO combined Christmas party. 

When: After Rehearsals, 11 to 12 (although we might end rehearsal early)
Where: Promontory School Cafeteria
Food to Bring: A treat or snack or other delectable to share
White Elephant: Bring something from around the house (ask your mom first, though) that no one at your house uses or wants, but might be useful or funny for someone else. Wrap it pretty, and bring it along! 

Remember to let us know if you have to miss, arrive late, or leave early. The link is below.

And, Jenny, please forward to the NUYCO folks!



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07 December 2015

NUYS Stuff.... Read it. There will be a quiz. ;)


1. Civic Club
We are looking for a few interested musicians who will play a short piece, or even section of a piece, for the Civic Club and the Brigham City Community Center, Thursday December 17th, 3:30 to 4:00 pm. Contact me if you are willing!

2. Recital, January 30
Our Recital Sign Up has begun! Even if you auditioned for Concerto Night, I need you to fill this out so I know you are planning on performing. There is a handy dandy form to make this easy on everyone; just click this link

​3. Christmas Party Volunteers
I had a lot of people sign up to help with food at the Christmas Party. Please reply and let me know if you are still interested in helping that day. I need one person to head up setting out potluck treats that day, and a few more to plan on an extra nice offering, so we can stack the deck in our favor. I also need one person to help me with the white elephant exchange. (Sorry I haven't asked sooner. I was quite sick last week.)

4. Christmas Party Details
Date: December 19, 2015
Time: After rehearsal (we might get out early!) until Noon
Bring: A treat or snack to share (it doesn't have to be sweet!)
And: A Wrapped White Elephant Gift --> something you find in your house, do not spend any money!​

5. Attendance! (ACT?)
Are you taking the ACT this Saturday? Do you have other conflicts? Please let us know! If you know now that you will be missing rehearsal in January, or March even, the form works for that too! Find it at this link.

he website is a 
​searchable ​
​ where​
ll group emails are posted
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20 November 2015

One More Thing...

Share it! Go into the even itself and invite your friends!


Did you know the website is a blog? All group emails are posted to the blog, which is totally searchable! Check it out...


Quick reminders for tomorrow:

1. Music. All music including folders will be left on the stands after the concert. You will get your folder back at the next rehearsal in two weeks. If you have personal music or school music in there, please leave it home. You will get it back, but not for two weeks!

2. Food. Don't forget your food assignment so we can pig out between the rehearsal and the concert (JK about pigging out). 
Please bring (Last Name) 
A-J Fruits or Veggies
K-R Desserts
S-Z Chips

​3. Concert attire. Formal Concert Black (tux or equivalent for guys, all black for girls). More info on the website.  ​

4. See you tomorrow! All questions are good questions, so ask if you have one. 

BRHS 1450 S Main, Garland Utah
10:30 begin arriving and setting up
11:00 call time (be there for sure)
Rehearsal until 1:30 (NUYCO eats at 1:00)
1:30 NUYS eats
2:30 call time
3:00 concert


Did you know the website is a blog? All group emails are posted to the blog, which is totally searchable! Check it out...

17 November 2015

Rehearsal, Luncheon, Concert: This Saturday


This Saturday is our first concert! It's going to be wonderful!

Location: Bear River High School Auditorium, 1450 S Main, Garland

Here is the schedule:
Arrive before 11 am, help set up, begin rehearsing as soon as possible.
Rehearse until 1:30 pm
Go eat, dress up, and prepare for the concert.
3pm - concert.

You all received flyers on Saturday with food assignments, except we adjusted the food assignment slightly, so here is the REVISED (read photoshopped) flyer. 

So, this one is Correct! If the image doesn't show in your email, here's what it says: 
NUYS & NUYCO Lovely Luncheon 
Saturday Nov 21st
meat, cheese, rolls provided
Please bring (Last Name) 
A-J Fruits or Veggies
K-R Desserts
S-Z Chips
CU There! U R GR8!

If you have questions about clothing, please contact me. Black socks/tights. No No-show socks! Black BOW TIE for boys; I only have one spare, so get one before Saturday. The Peach Tree in Brigham City is like a mini Quilted Bear. They have a tie booth. Inexpensive and (for some) convenient. (This isn't an endorsement; but my boys like it there!)

This is going to be a great weekend!

Also, please note: There is no rehearsal November 28, which is Thanksgiving weekend, but there are rehearsals in December on the 5th, 12th, and 19th (and there will also be a Christmas Party on the 19th after rehearsal, 11-12).

Interested in performing a solo or small ensemble number in our upcoming recital, January 30? Watch for the sign up sheet at the concert! 

:) Julie

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04 November 2015

Facebook Event for Concert, Call for T-Shirt Extra Orders, and Press Release

Greetings, all ye awesome people!

Here is a link to the Facebook Event for the upcoming concert. If you are able, please share far and wide!

I am almost ready to order T-Shirts, but I want to make sure that there are no additional orders from parents, siblings, or friendly people wanting an easy way to spread the word about our awesome groups! Shirts are $7, or $9 for XXL. 

I need to know by Friday (November 6th) if you are interested in adding to the order. Just reply to this email. Colors are Purple, Navy, Red, Green, Hot Pink, Black, and Teal. Sizes are standard, unisex, youth and adult. :)

​The Press Release was sent to the papers today. It has also been published on the blog. Please feel free to share the link: http://www.lincolnyouthsymphony.com/2015/11/press-release-symphonic-sampler-nov-21.html

​Thanks for everything! Don't forget*** the attendance form ***if you are going to be late, leave early, or cannot attend a rehearsal.​
Have a great evening! ​
​Julie Gardner, Manager​

Did you know the website is a blog? All group emails are posted to the blog, which is totally searchable! Check it out...

Press Release: Symphonic Sampler Nov 21, 2015

The Northern Utah Youth Symphony and the Northern Utah Youth Chamber Orchestra announce their upcoming concert, Symphonic Sampler, November 21, 2015, 3:00 pm, Bear River High School Auditorium, 1450 S Main, Garland. The concert is FREE thanks to Jenson Dentistry, generous sponsor for this concert.

NUYCO April 2015
The Northern Utah Youth Chamber Orchestra, our training orchestra for strings, conducted by Amanda Kippen, will open the concert with timeless favorites. 

NUYS April 2015
The Northern Utah Youth Symphony, with Maestro Conrad Dunn and musicians from Davis, Weber, Box Elder, Cache and Bear Lake (ID) counties, will then take the stage with an eclectic variety of music including The William Tell Overture, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Sleigh Ride. 

Each concert this year will feature a winner from the NUYS concerto auditions. The featured soloist for this concert is Allison Francis from Odgen, Utah, performing the first movement of Mozart's Flute Concerto No. 2.

Allison Francis
Allison Francis is a three-​year member of NUYS where she is principal flute and plays piccolo. She studies with Anita Ford and is a junior at Ogden High School. She plays with the OHS Symphonic Band and received a Superior Rating at State Solo and Ensemble in 2015.  She is a member of the Ogden Concert Band, and participated in both the BYU Young Musicians summer program and the WSU Honor Band.  In addition to volunteering as a flute tutor with the junior high band department, she works as a piano teacher.  She serves with the Ogden Symphony Ballet Association Youth Guild.  Allison loves science and volunteers with the Northern Utah Wilderness Rehabilitation Center.  Her dreams include becoming a marine biologist and band teacher.  Some of her favorite things include French, ukulele, mashed potatoes, sea otters, the color blue and all things Harry Potter.

Additional Background Information:
T​hese orchestras are projects of the Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Brigham City, and actively serving musicians that the communities all over Northern Utah. LBSS sponsors Northern Utah Community Orchestra's Messiah Sing-in December 11 in Brigham City and December 13 in Ogden. 

In addition to the upcoming November 21 concert, NUYS and NUYCO will be presenting a solo night recital January 30, 2016, at the Brigham City Tabernacle; a concert at Ogden High School February 20, 2016; and a concert at Box Elder High School April 28, 2016. In addition, NUYS will be performing at the Youth Symphony Festival at Abravanel Hall, March 14, 2015.

The Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society is supported by generous donations, grants from George S and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation as well as Utah Arts and Museums, the LBSS annual Gala Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction, and, for this concert specifically, Jenson Dentistry, who makes it possible to offer this wonderful FREE Admission Concert.

​Additional information is available on our website, or by contacting Julie Gardner 435.740.4335 (cell), info@northernutahyouthsymphony.org

27 October 2015

Fwd: MCHS opportunities

Greetings, awesome retreaters! It was fun, wasn't it?

This is a performance opportunity at Mountain Crest High School in Cache Valley. It's approaching pretty quickly, so if you are interested, contact them ASAP, and be sure to let me know if you end up having conflicts with NUYS!

:) Julie

From: Jeremy Baer
Date: Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 3:13 PM
Subject: MCHS opportunities

Mountain Crest High School is producing the musical Hello Dolly on November 12-14 and
.  We are looking for motivated instrumentalists who are interested in participating in a pit orchestra.  We will be practicing after school and Saturday mornings. (We can send a more detailed schedule.)  If you play (or know of anyone interested in playing) any of the following instruments, please contact Sarah Hall, drama director, at sarah.hall@ccsdut.org.
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Bass
  • Flute
  • Piccolo
  • Clarinet
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Baritone Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Percussion

--Jeremy Baer
Vocal Music Director
Mountain Crest High School

20 October 2015



There was a paper handed out Saturday that was the Retreat Info Revised!

I just want to make sure everyone gets it, even those not at rehearsal last Saturday, so I have linked to it here. It's all good info -- including the address to the camp. 

The extra notes added at the bottom of the page are important, so I'm pasting them here too:
Extra Notes:
*Be sure to bring a sturdy music stand. As not everyone has a sturdy stand, if you have more than one STURDY music stand, bring those too.
*If you have a battery powered LED book light or reading light, you may find it useful during rehearsal.
*Bring a (nonperishable) snack to share for Saturday snack time (4pm) to give us plenty of energy to CLEAN! haha!
We will collect them when you arrive Friday so we can remember to serve SNACKs when it's TIME. :)
​Thanks, everyone! If I do not have your permission slip yet, I have sent a separate text message. Please make sure you bring that!

Also, if you are one of the very few who have not turned in the Acceptance, Release and Payment form, I'll need that too!...


Have a great week, and come prepared for a great time Friday and Saturday​!

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14 October 2015

Rehearsal This Saturday (YES!), Additional Chaperons Needed and Retreat Info


I want people to actually read this email, so I'm trying to keep it uncomplicated (read short and sweet!).

1. I am looking for two more male chaperons to sleep in a newly-added third boys' cabin. You would not have to stay the whole time. 8:30 pm to 7:30 am is fine. Please contact me asap if interested. 

2. Rides to and from the retreat (next week, Oct 23-24) are up to you. If you need ideas of who to carpool with, please contact me. I'll be happy to help people connect in this way.

3. The retreat details and location are on the handouts from auditions (I have attached it as well.) Here is a link to the google map for the camp.

4. There is rehearsal this Saturday! If you are in town, please attend. :)

​Wonderful! Thanks!

Julie Gardner

Did you know the website is a blog? All group emails are posted to the blog, which is totally searchable! Check it out...

09 October 2015

Music, Concertos, Recital, Retreat


Tomorrow at rehearsal we will be handing out two new pieces and putting one on the "long term work" list. We will be performing Scheherazade on the April concert, next spring, in its entirety. That is the goal. This is a phenomenal piece of music, and we know we are capable of it, but realize the need for more time to really make it amazing.

For the November concert our pieces will be as follows (drum roll please)
William Tell Overture, Rossini
Flute Concerto in D, first movement, Mozart (Allison Francis, soloist)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Sleigh Ride, Leroy Anderson

We will keep Scheherazade and work on it throughout the year. 

Concerto Soloists
Also, congratulations to our other concerto soloists this year who will be
MaKenzie Harris, Gliere Horn Concerto, Feb 20
Megan Brasher, Barber Violin Concerto, April 28

Recital Night
The other four musicians who participated in concerto auditions will be featured performers on our Recital Night which is set for January 30 in the Brigham City Tabernacle. The remainder of the program is open to solo and small groups of students from both orchestras. Sign ups will begin soon! 

One note about the retreat: If you are still on the "maybe" list, please realize that this is rehearsal that weekend (actually, it's 3 rehearsals!), and if you don't have another reason to not participate, please make the effort to attend. We do have fun, we do play games, have skits, and be crazy, but we need you at rehearsal too! 

We have people that are coming to just part of it, or we have had people not spend the night and just come up Friday night and then again on Saturday (and I can let you know what the costs are for partial participation... just ask), but it's really best to attend the whole thing!

I don't know for sure how many chaperons I need until I have a specific commitment, one way or the other, from each of you.

Thanks for everything, especially your support and commitment!

Don't forget to use the the Attendance Form if you need to arrive late, leave early, or be absent. It's working very nicely. Thank you to those who have used it!

Julie Gardner
Conrad Dunn

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05 October 2015

Volunteer Form


Thanks to everyone who signed up at the parent meeting to volunteer! I was so overwhelmed by the number of people willing to help.

I have discovered that I need a more specific list of volunteers, and have created this form in hopes that it will help us track them. This is for NUYCO and NUYS, and will help us know who to call on throughout the year. 

Thank you so much for participating! It should be quick, easy and harmless, and would be most amazing if I had a response from every family by the end of today. Well, not really. How about Friday? :)

Julie Gardner

Here is another link for the volunteer form: http://goo.gl/forms/0ykeSNrpG4

PS Thanks to everyone participating in the Attendance Form method of notifying me of rehearsals you can't attend, or if you will be late or leave early. If you want to try it (and you know you do), here is the link. :) So cool for all of us!

Did you know the website is a blog? All group emails are posted to the blog, which is totally searchable! Check it out...

27 September 2015

NUYS: Important Info!

This is a test; I've just updated the contacts for the year. Hopefully nothing bounces! If you receive this and you should not be on the list, please reply and let me know. Hoping I haven't missed anyone.

Rehearsal Time for Oct 3 only
Rehearsal on October 3 will run 8 am to 10 am, for this week only. Thank you for your willingness to work with us on this last-minute change! It was requested by several parents, as well as the conducting staff.

All other rehearsals are as previously announced. 
William Tell Music for Violins
Violins who did not receive a copy of William Tell: See attached. 
Or, here are the links: Violin 1, and Violin 2.

Text Message Blast
I will try sending out a test text message blast this week as well, just to test it, and also to make sure everyone knows about the rehearsal time change.

Parent Meeting
Thank you for the great attendance at the parent meeting, and for all your happy cheering! 

If you missed the Parent Meeting I will have the PowerPoint from the presentation available soon. Stay tuned!

Please contact me with any questions.

Use the Attendance Form if you need to miss, arrive early or late. Thanks! 

Julie Gardner
Managing Director
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25 September 2015

Parent Meeting Reminder

The Parent Meeting is tomorrow, Sept 26th, after rehearsal, 11:15 am to 12:00 noon, Promontory School, 1051 W 2700 S, Perry.

We will be collecting "acceptance, release and payment" forms, tuition payments, and "retreat" forms. The forms are in the handout packets we distributed at auditions, but we will have extra forms available at the meeting. If you are scheduled to audition tomorrow before rehearsal, you should have received your handout in the mail this week.


PS If you have dates you will be missing, leaving early, or arriving late, please fill out the Attendance Form so we can keep track. :)

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17 September 2015

Call for Section Specialists

Please consider passing this on to all qualified people! Please contact me with any questions. It's an opportunity to make a difference, and earn pocket money at the same time. Thank you!
Julie Gardner

Are you interested in an opportunity to enhance the musical experiences of youth musicians?
Do you have a gift for bringing out the best in a student?
Are you a
great player, motivator and communicator?

Northern Utah Youth Symphony and Northern Utah Youth Chamber Orchestra need YOU to join their specialist teams!
·        Youth Symphony Specialists attend the first half of the first 4 Saturday Morning rehearsals for each of 3 concert cycles, and run sectionals each of those weeks.
·        Pay: Varies depending on time involved and responsibilities. At least $25 per service.
·        Rehearsals run 8:30 to 11:00 am, Saturdays.
Woodwind Section Specialist
Violin 1 Specialist
Violin 2 Specialist
Viola Specialist
Cello/Bass Specialist
·        Chamber Orchestra Specialists attend every rehearsal and run sectionals on a regular basis. They also perform with the orchestra.
·         Pay: $25 per service. (Additional pay for substitute conducting)
·        Rehearsals run 9:30 to 11:00 am, Saturdays.
·        (One specialist must be qualified to substitute conduct. Please indicate if you are applying for this.)
Violin 1 Specialist
Violin 2 Specialist
Viola Specialist
Cello/Bass Specialist

Submit resume or query, indicating your specific interest, via email, to info@NorthernUtahYouthSymphony.org or call/text Julie Gardner at 435.740.4335.
Both orchestras rehearse at Promontory School in Perry, Utah, on Saturday mornings.

15 August 2015

The Time Is Now!


Thanks to all those who have filled out the online participant form and set appointments for auditions. There are still many to go, so be sure to get the time you want by signing up early. 

I'll be sending out post cards this week. Use them as a reminder to sign up, and then share them with friends! It's time to recruit. Remember, the person who refers the most people who come and audition wins an Amazon Gift Card! Graduates are eligible to win, too!

If you need to adjust your audition appointment, click here for the direct link to the spreadsheet

Please let me know if you have questions about scales, timing, solo, etc. This is going to be a great year. :)

Have a great day!

Julie Gardner
Managing Director

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05 August 2015

Come Play With Us!

NUYS Auditions and Stuff!

Greetings, Wonderful People!

The next season is coming ​together nicely.  We are so excited to see everyone again. Much behind-the-scenes work has been ​done this summer.  We have new timpani headsa new piccolomusic stand carts at the school, and a whole bunch of other great ​happenings, including grants written to keep us going for another year​.

​​IMPORTANT QUESTION before we get started:

Chamber Orchestra:
We are studying the possibility of moving Chamber Orchestra from Tuesdays 4-5:30 to Saturdays so they rehearse during the same time as Youth Symphony. We need your feedback! Do you have younger siblings or friends that would love to join the Chamber Orchestra but couldn't participate on Tuesdays? Please take a brief moment to email us so we know your comments, suggestions, and opinions.​ A reply to this email is great!

​​Okay, now for the real stuff:

Actions Requested:
Fill out the Online Participant Form and sign up for an Audition Time (link provided​after submitting the participant form). Please do this even if you did it last year!

The NUYS Auditions page​ also​ has some great ​info which might help if you have questions.

Things you need to Know:
Concerto Auditions:

Concerto auditions are maxed out at the limit of 8 people auditioning.
​ ​
Those auditioning with a concerto do not need to audition on regular audition day (unless they are playing a different instrument for their concerto).

​(​If you are signed up for concerto auditions​ but do not receive a separate email from me ​in the next 24 hours, please contact me asap.)​

Regular Auditions:
September 19, 8 am to 1 pm. Please fill out the participant form -- you will receive the link ​for audition ​sign ups at the end of the participant form.

​When you sign up, please notice that your time slot is only five minutes. If we make the slots longer we'll be auditioning until the cows come home!

One way to speed up auditions is to practice up your scales -- they should be at least MM=92 for each note, or faster. Your two scales should take less than ​one minute​ (80 notes at MM=92 comes out at roughly 49 seconds)​, and your solo should be timed at 1 minute​Mr Dunn may stop you part way through your solo​. The sight reading is last, and we will provide an appropriate length excerpt so it's quick. I'd love to be able to say that we were timely with auditions this year!

String players: If you need help with fingerings for your scales, please ask. 
We can put you in touch with a helper​. That third octave is a lot easier if you have a fingering that you use every time​, like a patternYou'd be surprised how many great scale playing videos there are on Youtube. For instance, check out this one.​

​I like where he put the camera! So helpful. I will be putting up a scale page on the website when I get the chance, but don't wait for me. Do your own research. 

Parent Meeting:
​The parent meeting is set for the same day as the first rehearsal, September 26, 11:15 am to noon. Plan to attend -- youth and parents are all welcome -- and plan to pay your membership fee that day.​ Fees are the same as last year. More info on the Tuition page.​ 

Rehearsals for 
the​ first concert:
Rehearsals will run 8:30 to 11:00 am,​ each​ Saturday​:​
Sept 26, Oct 3, 10, 17, Retreat Oct 23-24, Oct 31, Nov 7, 14, with the concert on the 21st.​ A complete calendar for the year will be included in your welcome packet to be handed out at auditions, and there is always an up-to-date calendar online. ​

October 23-24​, at Camp UTABA in Liberty, Utah​. THIS IS A NATIONAL ACT TEST DAY. Take the test in September or December so you can be at the retreat! It's awesome!
​ ​
If you are already signed up for the October​ ACT, there is a way to change your test date if you do it by a deadline and pay a fee.

​Paperwork for the retreat will also be in the welcome packet handed out at auditions.​

​Save the Date for the first concert:
November 21, Rehearsal 11 am, Concert 3 pm. Venue and other details to follow.

​Please contact me with questions! If you have a question, someone else might be thinking the same thing, so you may as well ask. :)

Have a lovely rest-of-summer. 

Julie Gardner

Managing Director, NUYS


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04 August 2015

Fwd: Don't miss this concert featuring Alex Sharpe of Celtic Women in Logan August 7 and 8 at the Logan Tabernacle

Alex Sharp, member of Celtic Woman, performed with American Festival Chorus and Orchestra with Jenny Oaks Baker several years ago.  Spread the word!  Fantastic voice! Mr Dunn and Ms Dunn are involved and they said get there early for a seat. 

Did you know the website is a blog? All group emails are posted to the blog, which is totally searchable! Check it out...

28 May 2015

Reminder: Party

What: End-of-Year Party

Who: Anyone in NUYS or NUYCO this past season, or looking into it for next season, or leaders & specialists

Where: Gardner Home, 2800 S 1200 W, Perry, right here on the google map

When: Saturday, 30 May 2015, Noon until 4pm (Come part of the time, or the whole time!)

What to Bring: A Treat to Share

See You Soon! So excited!

***If you ordered pictures and didn't pay for them to be mailed, they will be available for pickup at the party! :)

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19 May 2015

All-Star Concert, Survey, Party


All-Star concert, tonight, 7pm, at Abravanel Hall. Plenty of tickets at the door. A most inspiring concert, including Krystell, Clay, Josh, Travis and Garrett! You will love it. :)

I created a survey and posted it on the website before the last concert and then TOTALLY forgot to invite you to fill it out.

So, will you fill it out? It's for anyone: Parents, Musicians, Audience Members, People planning to play this fall.  

  • The party is A WEEK FROM SATURDAY. 
  • May 30, 2015, 12 pm until we are tired
  • Where: 2800 S 1200 W, Perry
  • Bring: A treat or snack to share; there will be some food provided, but just bring your favorite thing.
  • Who: Anyone in NUYS this year, or looking into next year, or who was in NUYCO, parents (invited but not required), conductors, conductors' daughters, etc.
  • Why: Because we love to have fun!

Did you know the website is a blog? All group emails are posted to the blog, which is totally searchable! Check it out...