08 November 2014

NUYS Dress Rehearsal Lunch

NUYS Rehearsal Lunch
November 22nd
1:15 – 2:00 pm
After rehearsing from 11 am to 1:15,
 you're invited to re-energize at the concert location!

We're serving up a meat & cheese tray,
dinner rolls, sandwich fixings & drinks.

To help us provide something a little nutritious,
we invite each NUYS member (if you are able)
to donate $2 
If you haven't already donated,
Please give your money next week to Allison

Also, we invite you to please bring something delicious:

Violins:  Chips

Violas/Cellos/Bass:  vegetables or pickles or salad or fruit

Winds/Brass/Percussion:  dessert─something sweet
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