17 November 2014




The concert is this Saturday​.​
There is a Facebook event. Please share it with your family and friends. Here is the link.

Press Release

There is a press release posted on the blog. Here is the link.

Dress Rehearsal
The rehearsal is a​ ​"dress rehearsal​" in the sense that we are rehearsing on the stage.
​ ​
You do not need to wear your concert outfit until the performance.
​Here is the link for the concert dress info: http://www.northernutahyouthsymphony.org/p/concert-dress.html

​November 22 Schedule

Bear River High is at 1450 S. Main, Garland

Call time for the rehearsal is 10:30 am. We will need all the help we can get as we set up the stage. :)
Rehearsal runs from 11 to 1:15, then we will have lunch.
Call time for the concert is 2:30.
The concert begins with NUYCO at 3:00.

Don't forget your food assignment for lunch.Here is the link for the lunch announcement: http://www.northernutahyouthsymphony.org/2014/11/nuys-dress-rehearsal-lunch.html

All music - including folders - will be collected Saturday so we can prepare music folders for the next concert. If you have borrowed music (to recruit your friends) it must also be returned on Saturday.


DVDs of the concert will be available to pre-order in the lobby. 

$11 for delivery at rehearsal, $13 for mail delivery

Next few weeks
There is no rehearsal over Thanksgiving weekend. Our next rehearsal will be December 6 @ Promontory School.

So excited for this concert!

​ See you all soon! :)

Julie ​

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