22 October 2014


We are really looking forward to the retreat!

Just a couple notes: 
If you get this email in time and would like to bring a snack or treat to share for Saturday afternoon, that would be great. Our lunch is at 12:30, and then we have rehearsal, so we will be possibly hungry when it's time to pack up and go home. The camp is feeding us three meals, Friday dinner, and Saturday breakfast and lunch, but not Saturday dinner, so if you are like me, you might want a bit of something after Saturday afternoon rehearsal.

We are looking for someone to help transport a string bass, possibly to camp on Friday, and for sure home from camp on Saturday. The bass player lives east of the Lowe's on Washington and North Street. Please let me know if you can swing that direction either on your way, or on your way home. Thanks!

Don't forget to bring a music stand, and a jacket. It gets chilly up there at night.


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