13 October 2014

NUYS Announcements


Fall Break
There is no rehearsal over Fall Break. That's this Saturday, October 18th. We had such a great rehearsal last weekend, so ride the wave by continuing to practice!

We will make up our missed rehearsal, and then some, at the retreat the following week. With a rehearsal on Friday evening and two more on Saturday, we will accomplish a lot, but will have a lot of fun, too! If you lost your retreat schedule, click here for another copy. There is a list of what to bring (and not to bring) included. Be sure to bring at least one music stand. 

The retreat is at Camp Utaba. Here is a link to the camp on Google maps.

Here is the schedule (subject to change, of course).
Friday October 24
4:30pm Adults, any youth helpers & equipment arrive & set up
5:00pm Youth arrive, set up sleeping quarters, meet in the lodge
6:00pm Dinner
6:30pm Orchestra Rehearsal (with break)
8:30pm Introductions, Play whack-em (you'll like it) & other games. 
            Create skit groups.
10:00pm Bedtime
10:30pm Lights out

Saturday October 25
7:30am Rise & Shine, pack up, roll up sleeping bags, etc.
8:00am Breakfast 
8:30am Orchestra Rehearsal including group picture (during break)
11:00am Prepare Skits
11:30pm Skit Performances
12:30pm Lunch 
1:00pm Clean cabins; bring luggage to lodge
1:30pm Orchestra Rehearsal (with break)
4:00pm Snack & one more game
4:30pm Final cleaning (lodge & bathrooms)
5:00-5:30pm Youth picked up, head home before dark (Sunset is 6:30pm) 

I recently sent an email to those who have not turned in permission slips. If you were not a recipient of that email, I have your permission slip.

Our first concert is November 22 at Bear River High School in Garland (near Tremonton). It will be a matinee performance, beginning at 3 pm. We will rehearse on stage 11 am to 1:15 pm, then make way for the Chamber Orchestra to rehearse for an hour or so before the concert. 

We have a parent organizing food for the break in between. Stay on the lookout for announcements about this. If you would like to volunteer to help, let me know.

The concert will be sponsored by Classical Strings. You may have noticed Grover Wilhelmsen when he came and played bass with us last Saturday. He is the owner of Classical Strings, our sponsor for this concert.

If there are any other announcements, I will send another email. 

So excited for the retreat! Let me know if you have questions.

:) Julie Gardner

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