27 September 2014

NUYS Today, Parent Meeting, Retreat


I enjoyed listening to rehearsal today! Fantastic. :)

Thanks, everyone, for coming to the parent meeting today! If you missed it, here is a link to a PDF version of the PowerPoint; if you see something you would like to volunteer for, let me know, or turn in a volunteer sheet! 

Please note that we are working on a T-Shirt design, and would like to have it solidified by next Saturday, so if you have ideas, check out the second-to-last slide on the above link.

Watch your email for a link to a Google Form for T-shirt size and color choices, coming soon. I loved the little cheer for the T-shirts. You are all so cool! :)

Year-in-Review 2013-14
Also, here is a link to the pictures and videos we had playing at the beginning of the meeting. (I waited to send this email until the upload was complete.)

We handed out the retreat permission slips and the information sheet, including a food suggestions form. If you did not get these, please print off, fill out, and turn in. If you have a food allergy or similar situation, it is especially important that you turn in the food suggestion form. 

Thank you so much! 
Julie Gardner
Conrad Dunn

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