01 August 2014

Name Change: Northern Utah Youth Symphony & Chamber Orchestra

The Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society, in celebration of its new fiscal year which begins today, announces that the Lincoln Youth Symphony and Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra will now be known as the Northern Utah Youth Symphony (NUYS - Say "Nice") and the Northern Utah Youth Chamber Orchestra (NUYCO - rhymes with LYCO).

Thank you for your continued support throughout the years, and please be patient with us as not everything about the name will change immediately (hence the Lincoln email address and website), yet, if you are looking for us on Facebook, search for Northern Utah Youth Symphony.

Audition scheduling available soon.

Have a great day,

Julie Gardner, Managing Director
Conrad Dunn, Conductor

Did you know that the website is a blog? Do you need to find a previous email? They are posted and searchable on the website! There is even an up-to-date calendar there. Check it out! www.LincolnYouthSymphony.com

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