04 July 2014

Concerto Auditions


We are pleased to announce a new Concerto Audition schedule. This will make it possible to include one concerto for each concert, depending on who auditions.

If you are interested in auditioning this year and were expecting auditions to be in November, please audition anyway, even though the audition is in August instead.

The Concerto Audition page on the website has been updated with all the new information. 

Deadlines, in a nutshell: 
Audition Sign-up: August 10 (reply to this email or call Julie 435.740.4335)
Auditions, time and location TBD: August 23

Please also note that students wanting to audition on a non-orchestral instrument are not required to be in the orchestra, but students auditioning on orchestral instruments need to be members of LYS/LYCO.

We are still working on the name-change. 

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