13 April 2014


End of Year Party
Saturday, April 19th
Between the Dress Rehearsal & Concert
LYS:  About 3:00 ¯ LYCO:  About 4:00 (or earlier)
Where: Pavilion behind the church @ 660 North 300 East
(down the street from the school within walking distance)

Bring your favorite potluck dish to share. 
Strings:  Picnic Side Dish (appetizer, salads, chips, fruit, veggies)
Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion:  Desserts (cakes, brownies, treats)
LYCO: Any of the above! (Side Dish or Dessert)
(If your item needs refrigeration, please bring it in a cooler.) 
We will supply whack ‘em noodle, drinks and service items.
Bring your picnic items with you following your dress rehearsal. 
There is only a short time between dress rehearsals and the concert. 
Please quickly pack up from dress rehearsal, leave instruments at the school, and walk even more quickly down to the park.
All musicians will need to return to the school at 4:30!

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