30 April 2014


Greetings, Great Musicians!

This is just a quick note after a wonderful season! Thanks for everyone's dedication and hard work. It was a great year. 

Be sure to let me know if you have a great idea for a new name for the orchestras.

And now, here is the list of people I still need music from. If you handed it to someone else (or to me!), please let me know who you handed it to and when, and if you might see one of the people on the list, please encourage them to get it turned in. You have no idea how grateful I am for your help in this matter! 

If you already told me what happened to your music, who you turned it in to, etc, please tell me again. Let's get it all turned in and taken care of so it can be filed and the tall piles in my dining room can be reduced! :)

(Names have been removed)

Music can be turned in to Mr Dunn, or Ms Dunn (please follow up and let me know if you do this), OR mailed to/dropped off at my home:
2800 S 1200 W
Perry UT 84302

This is just around the corner from Promontory School.

Please don't turn in music from your school or other groups! It's hard to return to the right people.


Julie Gardner

19 April 2014


Don't forget to bring food for the party! What's a party without food?

See you soon.


(Sorry, I wrote this but forgot to send, so it's a little late.)

17 April 2014


Please be prepared to turn in music after the concert.

This means if you have some from other concerts, other years, other dimensions, and if it has anything to do with LYS, put it in your folder and turn it in this Saturday. 

If, however, it has nothing to do with LYS, but it has something to do with your personal music stash, or it has something to do with your school, or if you have a certificate from something in your folder, please take these types of items out of the folder before you turn it in. 


Thank you so much!


13 April 2014


End of Year Party
Saturday, April 19th
Between the Dress Rehearsal & Concert
LYS:  About 3:00 ¯ LYCO:  About 4:00 (or earlier)
Where: Pavilion behind the church @ 660 North 300 East
(down the street from the school within walking distance)

Bring your favorite potluck dish to share. 
Strings:  Picnic Side Dish (appetizer, salads, chips, fruit, veggies)
Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion:  Desserts (cakes, brownies, treats)
LYCO: Any of the above! (Side Dish or Dessert)
(If your item needs refrigeration, please bring it in a cooler.) 
We will supply whack ‘em noodle, drinks and service items.
Bring your picnic items with you following your dress rehearsal. 
There is only a short time between dress rehearsals and the concert. 
Please quickly pack up from dress rehearsal, leave instruments at the school, and walk even more quickly down to the park.
All musicians will need to return to the school at 4:30!

Schedule for Saturday April 19


So excited for this final concert! Everyone has worked so hard, and I think we are in for a Brahms miracle. Keep doing your part to make the miracle happen, and let's make amazing music this Saturday. Please contact me asap if you are for some reason not playing in the concert. I like the program to be accurate! 

All the festivities this Saturday are at or very near Bear River High School, in the Tremonton/Garland area. This is an historic concert. I don't believe LYS has ever performed at BRHS before. If you'd like to see the exact door you will need to enter for the auditorium, click here for a google map link

Here is a very close approximation of what will be happening, and when. This is subject to change, but please just be there and bring your instrument, concert attire, and your food assignment for the party and all will be amazing! (Flier with said food assignments for party will be coming with a separate email).

12 noon -- Doors open; early birds arrive and begin set-up (that's my call time, and whoever else wants to come help!)

12:30 call time for LYS rehearsal

12.45 LYS Rehearsal

2:15 call time for LYCO

2:30 LYCO joins LYS rehearsal for Lord of the Dance

3.00 LYS dismissed/LYCO rehearsal continues.

4:00 (or earlier) LYCO dismissed

3-4.30 social/end-of year party at pavilion (complete with volleyball net and baseball diamond) behind the the church at 660 North 300 East, Tremonton, for LYS (and LYCO when they arrive). Leave your instrument, extra stuff, etc, at the school. See flier and separate email for more details.

4:30 is the call time for concert. Please be on time so you can be dressed and ready. Dress is regular "Concert Black". If you are not sure what this means, check here on the website under Lincoln Youth Symphony "formal".

5:00 Concert

The concert will be over before 6:30 pm.

Questions? Reply to this email, or call/text me at 435.740.4335.

Julie Gardner

09 April 2014

Facebook Event

If you are on Facebook, please use the following link to the event and share with your friend!


Press Release: LYS & LYCO Season Finale

The Lincoln Youth Symphony with maestro Conrad Dunn and the Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra with maestro Amanda Kippen, will be performing their Season Finale Concert on Saturday, April 19, 5:00 pm, Bear River High School Auditorium, 1450 South Main, Garland, Utah. Admission is FREE thanks to the sponsorship of PetsFirst! Wellness Center. Musicians in both orchestras hail from all over Northern Utah, including Cache, Box Elder, and Weber Counties.

The Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra, a strings-only training orchestra, will open the concert with Nunez's M to the Third Power, Adkins/Epworth's Skyfall, one "secret" surprise piece, and Gliere's Russian Sailors' Dance.

The Lincoln Youth Symphony, a full symphony orchestra, will perform Brahms' Academic Festival Overture, then Joshua Musselman, a winner of the LYS annual concerto competition, will be our featured performer with MacDowell's Piano Concerto No. 2, First Movement, Larghetto Calmato. 

For the grand finale, the two orchestras will also combine to perform Hardiman's Lord of the Dance. The concert promises to provide a memorable, crowd-pleasing evening.

Soloist Josh Musselman began taking piano lessons at Utah State University's Youth Conservatory when he was eight years old. Since then he has studied with several different teachers, including USU's Brandon Lee, and Professors Gary Amano and Dennis Hirst. Josh's musical accomplishments include several Honorable Mentions at competitions such as the UMTA Concerto Competition and USU's Piano Festival competition. Josh also took first place at Mountain Crest High School's 2013 Young Artist Cup. In 2013 Josh received the Distinguished Young Performer award from Utah State. UMTA judges have complimented Josh's clarity and musicality, as well as his powerful volume.  Josh has been teaching piano lessons since he was 13 years old, and enjoys sharing his love of music with people of all ages.  He has accompanied other instrumentalists for competitions for the last two years, and played for weddings and other functions.  Josh also very much enjoys composing music.  His other loves beyond music include mountain biking, weight lifting, reading, scouting, and cooking.  

Lincoln Youth Symphony and Chamber Orchestra are projects of the Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting youth and adults in LYS, LYCO, and the Lake Bonneville Community Symphony, including the annual Messiah Sing-in each Christmas at the Brigham City Tabernacle. 

07 April 2014

End of Season Party


As usual, the end of our LYS season has jumped up and surprised me!

We need to plan a party, and have less than two weeks to do it. 

Our final concert will be at Bear River High School in Tremonton (I will send out the schedule for the day in a separate email). The concert will be April 19th at 5 pm, and will be over by 6:30pm. 

Is there anyone in the Garland/Tremonton area that would be willing to host a few dozen (5 or 6) youth symphony (LYS) and chamber orchestra (LYCO) kids for a bring-a-treat to share end-of-season party from 7ish until 9 pm? Let me know if you are a Tremonton/Garland person and might be able to do this!

If you live elsewhere and want to be involved, please let me know so I can put you in touch with the amazing host of the fun party. It's always a highlight of the year.

Thanks so much!