31 March 2014

Rehearsal Schedule


In case you missed the announcement, if you have the Ruslan and Ludmila by Glinka, do not worry about practicing it. We will play it another time. The only pieces we will be playing in the concert are the Brahms, the MacDowell, and Lord of the Dance.

Please be diligent about practicing the Academic Festival Overture by Brahms. If you haven't looked up the music and listened, you may follow this youtube link to hear it: http://youtu.be/52YCz27S7ZE. Some ideas:
1. Follow along in your music as you listen. (Active listening)
2. Just listen, over and over again, until you are really familiar with it. (passive listening -- what I'm doing right now!)
3. Practice on your own. Work on small sections. Don't try to practice the whole thing from beginning to end.
4. Set up a speaker and try playing along with the recording. (This is hard since you can't see the conductor!)

Here is the schedule for the next three weeks:

April 5, Regular Rehearsal, 8:30 to 11:00 am, Promontory School
(Tip: If you care, General Conference is rebroadcast at noon on KBYU.)

1. Mrs Horne will be there again to work with woodwinds and brass, combined.

2. I know this is Spring Break for several. Please let me know if you will be out of town, and my deepest gratitude to those who will be there! We need you if at all possible.

3. Our pianist, Josh Musselman, will be there to work on the MacDowell. Please prepare by listening to the recording, as described for the Brahms, above. Here is the link from a previous email:
MacDowell Piano Concerto No 2, First Movement
(Searched: MacDowell Piano Concerto 2)
http://youtu.be/s0caoJXIuXQ (This is a live recording of the whole concerto. We are only playing the first movement which ends at 14:43 on this video)

April 12, Regular Rehearsal, 8:30 to 11:30 am, Promontory School
This is our last regular rehearsal before the concert. Again, the pianist will be there. LYCO will also be invited to the last part of this rehearsal to practice Lord of the Dance, so please note that we are going until 11:30.

April 19, Final Rehearsals and Concert. 
The schedule for the day will be published soon via a separate email. Please block out all afternoon, 12:30 pm till 6:30 pm.

Did you know that www.lincolnyouthsymphony.com is a blog? All previous emails are published there, and they are searchable! Go check it out. :)

17 March 2014

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who chose to be involved with the fundraiser in any way. We appreciate your support, and we hope you had an enjoyable evening, even though we see all sorts of things we could have done differently, we also enjoyed the evening and were overwhelmed by the show of support.

When we get final numbers of how much money was raised, we will let you know.

With gratitude,
Julie Gardner in behalf of the LBSS Board and the LYS and LYCO staff 

09 March 2014

Spring Break

One more email. {sheepish grin}
We are not taking an LYS Spring Break.
Here's why.  We draw from too many places, and this year, there is no consensus on a weekend when everyone is off.
So, do what you're planning for your spring break. Come to LYS if you can. There will be rehearsal every week. Let me know when you will be gone so we don't worry about you, and we'll see you when you're here!
Please come to as many rehearsals as possible.

08 March 2014

Only One More Concert


It's another email. :)

Today we collected music. If you were not at rehearsal today, please turn in the following no later than next week's rehearsal:
Egmont Overture
Bounty Hunter
Rosamunde Overture
Also Sprach Zarathustra
Mozart Piano Concerto
Hummel Trumpet Concerto
Vivaldi Violin Concerto

We also handed out Academic Festival Overture by Brahms. 
Here is a youtube link so you can listen and listen and listen and practice and stuff: http://youtu.be/tfhAZNlRa6A

This leaves the following in your folder:
Lord of the Dance
MacDowell Piano Concerto
Academic Festival Overture

Rehearsal Schedule 
Regular Rehearsals: March 15, 22, 29, April 5, 12, 8:30 to 11:00 am, Promontory School 
(Please note: We temporarily changed rehearsal ending times to 11:30. Ending time has now reverted to the original 11:00 am)
Final Rehearsal: April 19, 1-3 pm, Bear River High School Auditorium, 1450 S. Main Street. Garland, UT 84312
Final Concert: April 19, 5:00 pm, Bear River High School Auditorium

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make our trip to Abravanel Hall run smoothly. You are all awesome. I hope you had a great time. I know I did. :)

Thanks to John Findlay for filling in today for Mr Dunn while he was out of town. 

Thanks to everyone who consistently helps with moving percussion, setting up chairs, stowing stands, and just being all-around wonderful people!

Have a great week! Let me know if you have any questions.

Julie Gardner
435 740 4335



Okay, I have been remiss in bugging you about this. My fault. So here goes. This is really an enjoyable evening, with the silent auction, and also fresh bread and other door prizes. 

If you haven't turned in a Silent Auction item or purchased Gala tickets, there's still time. Email or text me (435.740.4335) if you sell more tickets so we can coordinate with the caterer. If you bring a silent auction item next week, we can still include it at the dinner that night.

My latest: Cover Up is donating a Box Elder hoodie and a Bear River hoodie! They are so cool. :)

Look around your house. See if there is something nice, and new, you can donate to the auction, or think it through and see if there is a service you can donate.

Please support the fundraiser if you can. 

Gala Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction
Saturday, March 15, 2014, 6 to 8 pm
Brigham City Community/Senior Center, 24 North 300 West, Brigham City

$15 per plate, Iron Gate Grill catering
General Operating Expenses for Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society
Guests of the Lincoln Youth Symphony & Chamber Orchestras, and Lake Bonneville Community Symphony

To access the email I sent previously with other details, click here.