08 February 2014

Abravanel Hall (including an important form)


1. Abravanel Hall information and permission slips are copied and would have been handed out today, alas! 

The information for the day has been posted on the blog. Please note that we are looking for a possible volunteer driver. Also, I need some specific information from you regarding transportation needs (so I know if I need said volunteer driver).

I need a 100% response rate; if you're not sure yet, just tell me what you know now. 

[Filling out the online form does NOT replace handing in the actual permission slip. Please be sure you fill one out! I have a paper copy of the permission slip for each musician. If you'd like to print your own so you can turn it in next week, it is attached, or you can download it at this link.]

2. Calendar: 
It has come to my attention that the original printed calendar says we are taking President's Day weekend off. Au contraire, mes amis! That is a mistake on the printed calendar. I am sorry for the mix-up. We DO HAVE REHEARSAL next weekend! The online calendar at this link is correct.

3. Ending Time: 
We will be rehearsing 8:30 to 11:30 for the next 3 weeks, unless we inform you otherwise. Thank you ahead of time for working out this change in your schedules. We would love to try Lord of the Dance & perform it at Abravanel Hall, but we are concerned about having missed today's rehearsal. 

4.  Communications: 
If anyone did not receive notification regarding the canceled rehearsal via text this morning, please reply to this email and let me know the best way to contact you. I did not have time to make several of the personal phone calls that were requested in the original participant form, and for this I am sorry! I am pretty sure that every person got some form of text message, however, so let me know if you did not receive the message so I can rectify the situation in the unlikely chance that a cancellation situation might happen again.

Have a great week!

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