19 February 2014

Abravanel Hall + Gala Dinner


Abravanel Hall:
I just sent reminders to people who had not yet filled out the online form. Now I am reminding everyone to bring the paper permission slip this Saturday! Remember, there will be fresh homemade bread there for all who have already turned in permission slips, or who bring them this Saturday! (Aren't food bribes great?)

FAQ: Can parents come watch the performance at Abravanel Hall?
Yes, you can, but realize that there are only so many seats in the hall, and if you try to come to the whole festival, you may not get a seat, so come occupy our seats when we head for the warm-up room at 10:10 am. Just tell the ushers which group you are with, and they will tell you where to sit (it's right down front, like row 3).

Gala Dinner
Please be aware that the tickets sold for the Gala will be counted each week. Once we have sold a total (between both orchestras) of 200 tickets, the dinner will be sold out. Buy them while you can! They're going fast! Remember, if people can't go, let them know donations count towards the contest as well. :)

Anyone have a solo or ensemble they'd like to perform for the entertainment at the dinner? We need a number or two! Let me know.

Silent Auction items, at least one per family, are due by the end of next week (March 1), if at all possible. 

More info is in an awesome long email I sent in January. Here is a link to the post on the blog.

Still looking for more string quartet volunteers for the Star Spangled Banner gig on Feb 25. :)


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