08 January 2014

Music Resources

After last week's rehearsal, our guest artist flutist Jana Lange suggested that, in preparation for rehearsal, musicians should learn their parts at home so that they can learn others' parts at rehearsal. One great way to do this, she suggested, is to look up the music and listen to the pieces in preparation for the rehearsal. I thought that was such a wonderful idea, so here is a list of links to the pieces we are currently working on:

Feb 1 Concert:

Hummel Trumpet Concerto, Third Movement 
(Searched: Hummel Trumpet Concerto 3rd Movement)
http://youtu.be/i0Qan884AaY (This is faster than we will take it)

Vivaldi Violin Concerto in A Minor, Third Movement 
(Searched: Vivaldi Violin Concerto in A Minor 3rd Movement)
http://youtu.be/5aCx_BoYoYg (This is recording of Perlman)

Mozart Piano Concert No 23 (K488), Third Movement 
(Searched: Mozart Piano Concerto 23 3rd Movement)
http://youtu.be/oeTyZPxlwMA (This is Horowitz in rehearsal, and is quite entertaining)

Rosamunde Overture
         (Searched: Rosamunde Overture Schubert Leidig)
         http://youtu.be/jAPOh2IVAxo (Salem Youth Symphony)

Themes from Also Sprach Zarathustra 
(Searched: Also Sprach Zarathustra Lehmeier)
http://youtu.be/6iLHz471xAk (Performed by a large youth orchestra last summer)

March 3, Abravanel Hall Performance (Pieces we played in November)

Beethoven's Egmont Overture
(Just search: Egmont Overture Beethoven. There are lots of choices)

Bounty Hunter Themes

April 19 Concert

MacDowell Piano Concerto No 2, First Movement
(Searched: MacDowell Piano Concerto 2)
http://youtu.be/s0caoJXIuXQ (This is a live recording of the whole concerto. We are only playing the first movement which ends at 14:43 on this video)

Lord of the Dance (Which we likely won't play until April, but if you work hard, it could still happen!)
(Searched: Lord of the Dance Hardiman Moore)
http://youtu.be/H4dTIml1kMc (Westlake High, a private high school in Seattle)

Have a great time! See you Saturday. 


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