24 January 2014

LBSS (LYS) Gala Fundraiser Coming Up

Gala Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction
Saturday, March 15, 2014, 6 to 8 pm
Brigham City Community/Senior Center, 24 North 300 West, Brigham City
$15 per plate, Iron Gate Grill catering
General Operating Expenses for Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society
Guests of the Lincoln Youth Symphony & Chamber Orchestras, and Lake Bonneville Community Symphony

Tickets will be on sale soon! There will be a ticket sales contest with a $25 gift card to the student in each orchestra who brings in the most money (they can ask for donations as well -- that counts too). 

Important Explanation: Instead of several small fundraisers, this means we do one major fundraiser each year. Our goal is to earn $3,000-5,000 which is the equivalent of one grant, but without the stipulations many grants come with so money can be used for general operating expenses.

Everyone is asked to help: We ask that each family donate or find a donation for the silent auction by March 1st.

In order to coordinate the efforts, I have set up an online spreadsheet that we can all fill in as we work to find donations. (Notice that I already have a donation from Anniversary Inn in this year's spreadsheet.) You can also fill it in with items you already have that will be donating. 

Here is the important link for this year's spreadsheet, so we can coordinate our efforts.  Here is the link for last year's spreadsheet (no longer editable, but a great example of how it looks filled-in) in case you'd like to see what was donated last year. These are google drive spreadsheets, but no google account is needed to access them.

I have attached the letter I use for soliciting donations. You can also access and print the letter at this link. Be sure to record your efforts on the spreadsheet, or jump on there and claim a specific business or group that you want to approach for donations. You can start bringing in items to any rehearsal. Turn them in to Julie Gardner (Me).

In this fundraiser, the silent auction is important. It often raises more than the dinner! Donations can be secured many ways, but preferably by asking local businesses to support us. Additionally, do you have any new items, or new, unopened gifts that don't fit your lifestyle from the recent holidays that you'd like to donate? 

We are also looking for one item with greater value and universal appeal for a raffle. Do any of you work for or have contact with companies that might be willing to donate to the silent auction or raffle? 

It will be a wonderful evening. LYCO will be performing, and we would like a few small ensembles or solos from LYS to volunteer to perform as well (LYS is too big to fit on the tiny stage). There will be opportunities for the youth to bus tables, keep water filled, etc.

Thank you, in advance, for your kind support of this worthwhile effort.

Julie Gardner, Manager


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