15 January 2014

Concert Venue Announcement


As we have struggled to make the right decisions about finding a concert venue, it has become apparent that we, as an orchestra whose members come from all over Northern Utah, can certainly reflect that by "going on the road". We have definitely grown out of the stage and facilities at the Box Elder Middle School, and we are also very grateful for the support they have given us over the years. They are wonderful! We also do not have access to the excellent facilities at Box Elder High School this year as our dates all conflict. 

Last Saturday I announced that we were working on securing Bear River High School Auditorium for the Feb 1 concert. This did NOT work out for Feb 1; however, we are penciled in for the April 19 concert there. Then, yesterday, I experienced a little miracle, and we have been offered an opportunity to perform at Logan High School Auditorium on Feb 1.

We have also chosen to experiment with the timing of the rehearsals that day, instead of having everyone come in the morning and then come back in the evening. 

Please make a note of this, and clear your schedule for Feb 1. Please accept my apologies if this causes difficulties with your schedule. 

Here are the details:

What: Concerto Night, LYS & LYCO concert
Where: Logan High School Auditorium, 162 W 100 S, Logan, Utah
When: February 1, 2014
LYS Rehearsal: 1-3 pm
LYCO Rehearsal: 3-4 pm
Call Time: 4:30 pm
Concert: 5-6:30 pm (Order: LYCO then LYS)
Sponsor: To Be Announced (with sponsor, free admission)
Admission: To Be Announced... Hopefully free.

Please note that we will continue to experiment with moving around for our concerts, reflecting the different areas that our students hail from, also depending on availability of facilities, sponsors, and costs. 

The press release will be ready Thursday night (tomorrow night) which will have fun details about our soloists, and sponsor, etc. :)

We are excited to see this as a new era for LYS & LYCO!


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