30 January 2014

Concert Reminders


Here are some basics for this Saturday, February 1st.
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1. Yes, please wear concert black. Click here if you need more information; read "Lincoln Youth Symphony: Formal" for specifics.

2. Call time for rehearsal is 12:30 pm at Logan High School. 
(NO rehearsal in the morning.)

3. Rehearsal is from 1-3 pm.

4. Call time for the concert is 4:30 pm.

5. Concert is Free because it's sponsored by Aaron F Gardner of Associated Psychotherapists in Brigham City.

6. Concert will begin at 5 pm and end around 6:30 pm.

7. We will not be turning in music after the concert. Please keep it and bring it next week. Keep practicing the full orchestra music & the MacDowell (for April)! Abravanel Hall is March 3.

8. Schedule for Abravanel Hall will be out soon. We may have a need for a parent with a large van to help haul large instruments so everyone fits on the bus. Please let me know if you are interested in helping. Permission slips will go out next week.

9. Be safe. Drive Carefully. Can't wait for this new adventure!

Julie Gardner, Manager, cell 435.740.4335

24 January 2014

Facebook Event for Concerto Night

Join the Facebook Event for our next concert, and share with your friends!

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LBSS (LYS) Gala Fundraiser Coming Up

Gala Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction
Saturday, March 15, 2014, 6 to 8 pm
Brigham City Community/Senior Center, 24 North 300 West, Brigham City
$15 per plate, Iron Gate Grill catering
General Operating Expenses for Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society
Guests of the Lincoln Youth Symphony & Chamber Orchestras, and Lake Bonneville Community Symphony

Tickets will be on sale soon! There will be a ticket sales contest with a $25 gift card to the student in each orchestra who brings in the most money (they can ask for donations as well -- that counts too). 

Important Explanation: Instead of several small fundraisers, this means we do one major fundraiser each year. Our goal is to earn $3,000-5,000 which is the equivalent of one grant, but without the stipulations many grants come with so money can be used for general operating expenses.

Everyone is asked to help: We ask that each family donate or find a donation for the silent auction by March 1st.

In order to coordinate the efforts, I have set up an online spreadsheet that we can all fill in as we work to find donations. (Notice that I already have a donation from Anniversary Inn in this year's spreadsheet.) You can also fill it in with items you already have that will be donating. 

Here is the important link for this year's spreadsheet, so we can coordinate our efforts.  Here is the link for last year's spreadsheet (no longer editable, but a great example of how it looks filled-in) in case you'd like to see what was donated last year. These are google drive spreadsheets, but no google account is needed to access them.

I have attached the letter I use for soliciting donations. You can also access and print the letter at this link. Be sure to record your efforts on the spreadsheet, or jump on there and claim a specific business or group that you want to approach for donations. You can start bringing in items to any rehearsal. Turn them in to Julie Gardner (Me).

In this fundraiser, the silent auction is important. It often raises more than the dinner! Donations can be secured many ways, but preferably by asking local businesses to support us. Additionally, do you have any new items, or new, unopened gifts that don't fit your lifestyle from the recent holidays that you'd like to donate? 

We are also looking for one item with greater value and universal appeal for a raffle. Do any of you work for or have contact with companies that might be willing to donate to the silent auction or raffle? 

It will be a wonderful evening. LYCO will be performing, and we would like a few small ensembles or solos from LYS to volunteer to perform as well (LYS is too big to fit on the tiny stage). There will be opportunities for the youth to bus tables, keep water filled, etc.

Thank you, in advance, for your kind support of this worthwhile effort.

Julie Gardner, Manager


23 January 2014

Press Release - Concerto Night goes "on the road" - Lincoln Youth Symphony & Chamber Orchestras

The Lincoln Youth Symphony and Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra will present a Night of Concertos featuring soloists Krystal Matheson (Trumpet), David Ban (Piano), and Kristene Murrow (Violin), February 1, 2014, 5:00 pm at Logan High School Auditorium, 162 W 100 S, Logan. This change of venue is a reflection of the youth symphony's membership which comes from all over Northern Utah. Admission is free due to the generous sponsorship of Aaron Gardner of Associated Psychotherapists, Brigham City.

Information regarding the youth symphony is available at www.LincolnYouthSymphony.com.

The Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra, their strings-only training orchestra conducted by Amanda Kippen, will perform Vivaldi's "Spring", Gruselle's "Postcards from Russia", Puccini's "Nessun Dorma", and Spata's "Gauntlet".

The Lincoln Youth Symphony, a full orchestra conducted by Conrad Dunn, will perform Schubert's "Rosamunde Overture", and themes from Strauss's "Also Sprach Zarathustra". Additionally, showcasing talented youth from all over Northern Utah, Krystal Matheson of North Ogden will perform Hummel's Trumpet Concerto, David Ban of Logan will perform Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23, and Kristene Murrow of Howell will perform Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in A Minor. 

Additional information on each soloist is included below:

Krystal Matheson
Hummel Trumpet Concerto, 3rd mvt

Krystal Matheson is a senior at Weber High School.  She began piano lessons at age seven and found a passion for music when she joined her junior high band playing the trumpet.  She studies trumpet with Rod Rippon and periodically receives advice from her band director, Joe Windsor.  Krystal is in her third year as principal trumpet player of the Lincoln Youth Symphony and performed with the Utah Symphony in the 2013 All Star Side-By-Side Concert.  She has been selected principal trumpet of both the 2013 Weber School District and 2014 Weber State University Honor Bands, received “Superior” ratings at the Utah Region and Solo/ Ensemble Festivals, and was a member of the 2013 Utah All State Band.  Krystal excels academically; she has been an officer in MESA and German Club, and is currently serving as president of the latter.  She loves math, music, and science, and will most likely pursue a career in engineering.

David Ban
Mozart Piano Concerto 23, 3rd mvt

David Ban, 12 year old, is a 6th grader in Mount Logan Middle School.  He started learning piano and music theory at Utah State University (USU) Youth Conservatory when he was 5.  He is a student of Professor Gary Amano.  His previous teachers include Emma Frazier, Anarie Petroff and Brandon Lee.  For the past few years, David participated in the USU Piano Festival and won top prizes.  He has also been named as one of the Youth Conservatory Outstanding Performers and received Spencer L. Taggart Memorial Award.  David won first prize in the Weber State Piano Festival and was selected as one of the finalists for Utah Symphony Salute to Youth audition in 2013.  David loves school.   Besides piano, he enjoys playing tennis, swimming, skiing, singing at school choir and playing video games.  

Kristene Murrow
Vivaldi Violin Concerto in A Minor, 3rd mvt

Kristene Murrow, age 10, is the daughter of Randall and Jenny Murrow of Howell, Utah.  She is in the fourth grade and attends North Park Elementary in Tremonton.  Kristene has been studying violin since she was four years old.  She has studied with Nonie Reesor and Sharon Kline, and currently studies with Diane Austin.  She has been a member of the Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra, in Brigham City, for the past 3 years.  She is also a member of the Hot Apple Pie Fiddlers that frequently performs for local venues. Kristene has participated and received superior ratings in the ASTA String Festival for the past 6 years and was featured on the ASTA String Festival's Honor's Recital in 2009 at Utah State University and in 2013 at Weber State University. Kristene has a love for the arts.  She enjoys drawing, painting, writing stories and composing music. She especially enjoys making bracelets and necklaces for family and friends. She loves the outdoors. Her hobbies include riding 4-wheelers, shooting bb guns (she’s a pretty good shot), fishing, bike riding, swimming in the ocean and jumping on the trampoline.  She also enjoys reading, cooking and baking cupcakes. Kristene’s favorite pastime is fiddling. She loves to fiddle!!  She also plays the piano and wants to learn how to play the guitar.  Kristene hopes to one day become a violin teacher so that she can share her love of music with others.

15 January 2014

Concert Venue Announcement


As we have struggled to make the right decisions about finding a concert venue, it has become apparent that we, as an orchestra whose members come from all over Northern Utah, can certainly reflect that by "going on the road". We have definitely grown out of the stage and facilities at the Box Elder Middle School, and we are also very grateful for the support they have given us over the years. They are wonderful! We also do not have access to the excellent facilities at Box Elder High School this year as our dates all conflict. 

Last Saturday I announced that we were working on securing Bear River High School Auditorium for the Feb 1 concert. This did NOT work out for Feb 1; however, we are penciled in for the April 19 concert there. Then, yesterday, I experienced a little miracle, and we have been offered an opportunity to perform at Logan High School Auditorium on Feb 1.

We have also chosen to experiment with the timing of the rehearsals that day, instead of having everyone come in the morning and then come back in the evening. 

Please make a note of this, and clear your schedule for Feb 1. Please accept my apologies if this causes difficulties with your schedule. 

Here are the details:

What: Concerto Night, LYS & LYCO concert
Where: Logan High School Auditorium, 162 W 100 S, Logan, Utah
When: February 1, 2014
LYS Rehearsal: 1-3 pm
LYCO Rehearsal: 3-4 pm
Call Time: 4:30 pm
Concert: 5-6:30 pm (Order: LYCO then LYS)
Sponsor: To Be Announced (with sponsor, free admission)
Admission: To Be Announced... Hopefully free.

Please note that we will continue to experiment with moving around for our concerts, reflecting the different areas that our students hail from, also depending on availability of facilities, sponsors, and costs. 

The press release will be ready Thursday night (tomorrow night) which will have fun details about our soloists, and sponsor, etc. :)

We are excited to see this as a new era for LYS & LYCO!


08 January 2014

Music Resources

After last week's rehearsal, our guest artist flutist Jana Lange suggested that, in preparation for rehearsal, musicians should learn their parts at home so that they can learn others' parts at rehearsal. One great way to do this, she suggested, is to look up the music and listen to the pieces in preparation for the rehearsal. I thought that was such a wonderful idea, so here is a list of links to the pieces we are currently working on:

Feb 1 Concert:

Hummel Trumpet Concerto, Third Movement 
(Searched: Hummel Trumpet Concerto 3rd Movement)
http://youtu.be/i0Qan884AaY (This is faster than we will take it)

Vivaldi Violin Concerto in A Minor, Third Movement 
(Searched: Vivaldi Violin Concerto in A Minor 3rd Movement)
http://youtu.be/5aCx_BoYoYg (This is recording of Perlman)

Mozart Piano Concert No 23 (K488), Third Movement 
(Searched: Mozart Piano Concerto 23 3rd Movement)
http://youtu.be/oeTyZPxlwMA (This is Horowitz in rehearsal, and is quite entertaining)

Rosamunde Overture
         (Searched: Rosamunde Overture Schubert Leidig)
         http://youtu.be/jAPOh2IVAxo (Salem Youth Symphony)

Themes from Also Sprach Zarathustra 
(Searched: Also Sprach Zarathustra Lehmeier)
http://youtu.be/6iLHz471xAk (Performed by a large youth orchestra last summer)

March 3, Abravanel Hall Performance (Pieces we played in November)

Beethoven's Egmont Overture
(Just search: Egmont Overture Beethoven. There are lots of choices)

Bounty Hunter Themes

April 19 Concert

MacDowell Piano Concerto No 2, First Movement
(Searched: MacDowell Piano Concerto 2)
http://youtu.be/s0caoJXIuXQ (This is a live recording of the whole concerto. We are only playing the first movement which ends at 14:43 on this video)

Lord of the Dance (Which we likely won't play until April, but if you work hard, it could still happen!)
(Searched: Lord of the Dance Hardiman Moore)
http://youtu.be/H4dTIml1kMc (Westlake High, a private high school in Seattle)

Have a great time! See you Saturday. 


02 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Yes, there is rehearsal THIS Saturday, regular time, 8:30 to 11:00, at Promontory School. 

Thanks for coming, especially to those whose schools don't start until Monday!

Julie Gardner