11 December 2013

Christmas Party!

A Message from our Chairman of the Board:


 When we made up the schedule for this performance season, we did not forget to include some time for festivities and socializing! We've just been so busy, we forgot to tell you our plans!!!

 We would like to end this year with a Christmas gathering after rehearsal on this coming Saturday, December 14. Please reply to this email if you could stay 45 minutes after rehearsal and attend. Last year we did it for the first time, and it was enjoyed a lot by everyone. If possible, please bring a treat. I will contact parents who indicated they might want to help.

 If you wonder what's good to bring, something sweet is always popular; or some fruit cut up; or cheese and crackers would help provide something more substantial.

 We'll take care of drinks and plates, etc. See you there!

Doris D'Asto

Chair, Board of Directors

Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society

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