12 December 2013

Please Reply


 We're planning on a fun Christmas party after rehearsal ends Saturday Dec 14. Please let us know if you'll stay for some treats and fun.
 This is what you need to do: 
  • Bring a treat to share, (or fruit, or whatever is GOOD!).
  • Bring a white elephant gift - something no one at home wants anymore and Mom and Dad will be ecstatic to see it go out the door - wrapped!

 We're bringing the swimming noodle, too......You know what that means!
 Please reply to Julie (lincolnyouthsymphony@gmail.com) or me.
Doris D'Asto

11 December 2013

White Elephant

Extra Extra! 

Look around your house for some old, funny, or awful white elephant gift. Don't spend money, just wrap something and bring it along to the party. I've seen some real hum-dingers over the years, but the best was a bowling ball that had been used as a landscape ornament for 30 years. It was ... heavy and "lovely."

See ya Saturday!


PS My condolences to the Honor Band and ACT participants. Such a bummer. We will think of you as we whack each other, I promise. And we'll do another party when more people can come. 

Christmas Party!

A Message from our Chairman of the Board:


 When we made up the schedule for this performance season, we did not forget to include some time for festivities and socializing! We've just been so busy, we forgot to tell you our plans!!!

 We would like to end this year with a Christmas gathering after rehearsal on this coming Saturday, December 14. Please reply to this email if you could stay 45 minutes after rehearsal and attend. Last year we did it for the first time, and it was enjoyed a lot by everyone. If possible, please bring a treat. I will contact parents who indicated they might want to help.

 If you wonder what's good to bring, something sweet is always popular; or some fruit cut up; or cheese and crackers would help provide something more substantial.

 We'll take care of drinks and plates, etc. See you there!

Doris D'Asto

Chair, Board of Directors

Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society

09 December 2013

LYS Music, Schedule, etc


Thank you to everyone who braved the weather and made it to Saturday's rehearsal! Bravo. I hope all made it home safely. It's been quite a weekend, weather-wise!

Thank you to all who performed in the Nov 23 concert. You all did a great job, and everyone who played turned in their music (which made me really really happy). If you didn't play in the concert and haven't turned in your music, please do so. My least favorite job is hunting down music!!!!

New Music:

We have collected the Frescobaldi and the Respighi, and in addition to keeping the Egmont Overture and Bounty Hunter (which we may play at Abravanel Hall on March 3), we have handed out the following for the February 1 Concerto Concert: 
    • Hummel's Trumpet Concerto (3rd Movement)
      to be performed by our own Krystal Matheson
    • Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in A Minor (3rd Movement)
      to be performed by LYCO's Kristene Murrow
    • Mozart's Piano Concerto no 23 (3rd Movement)
      to be performed by David Ban
    • Hardiman's Lord of the Dance
    • Schubert's Rosamunde Overture
and next week we will hand out one other piece, Themes from Also Sprach Zarathustra, which we sightread this week and the brass players were pretty excited about.

We have one other concerto on order; it's for the April concert but the music is quite difficult, so we will need to start working on it asap. It is 
    • MacDowell's Piano Concerto no. 2 (1st movement) to be performed by Joshua Musselman (some of you may remember him -- he performed the Liszt Piano Concerto with us two years ago). 

We will have one other regular rehearsal this year -- December 14, 8:30 to 11:00 am at Promontory, and then we have a couple weeks off for the holidays. We will resume January 4, and rehearse every week until our next concert, which is coming right up on February 1. 

Please let us know when you won't be at rehearsal (and why). The easiest way to do this is by replying to this email, or sending a text to Julie at 435 740 4335.

Information will be available soon regarding the upcoming Gala Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction scheduled for March 15.


Julie Gardner, Manager
Cartoon by Gerard Hoffnung