26 October 2013


Evening, All!

Thanks to everyone who came, played, cooked, chaperoned, conducted, put on skits, whack'em'd, cleaned, teeter-tottered, tether-balled, swung, hiked, swept, loaded timpani, snored, laughed, and made my weekend so great!

Please remember that our next rehearsal really 8:30 to 11:00am November 2 -- next week -- and we are back on track for regular Saturday rehearsals. 

The concert is COMING UP on November 23rd, 5-6:30pm. More details coming soon!

Again, thanks for a great weekend! I enjoyed getting to know you (if you are new) or getting to know you better (if you are not). 

Lost & Found:
Please reply if either of the following belong to you:

There is a sleeping pad from one of the girls's cabins, rolled up, and secured with a bungee cord. I have it at my house; it is gray and blue. It is the kind with a little valve thing in the corner.

There was an abandoned, very wet, cream colored towel in the girls' showers. I have that at my house, as well, and it has been washed and dried (the dryer is beeping right now!).

Have a wonderful week.


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