21 October 2013

Retreat Details

Afternoon, all!

Hopefully this email doesn't end up too long, but I want to make sure you have all the information you need to navigate this coming weekend.
Please read the following information and contact me if you have any questions.

Quick Notes:

The Retreat is this weekend, at Camp UTABA (Utah American Baptist Association) in the north end of the Ogden Valley. Click here for a link to the location on Google Maps. Go to their website, www.camputaba.org, and click "Maps" for additional detailed directions, if you like.

All transportation is to be provided by families. If you need someone from your general area to carpool with, please reply to this email and I will do my best to put you in touch with potential carpool buddies.

Please bring a music stand. Whatever you have at home will do; I have hauled our stands in the past, but will not be doing so this year. 

If I emailed you separately this afternoon and asked for your permission slip, PLEASE bring it Friday. I'd hate to turn anyone away. :) If I did not email you about your permission slip, don't feel badly. It just means I already have it! :) If I did not email you, and you are not staying the night, but will be at the retreat part of the time, I still need a permission slip from you. If you don't have one to fill out, reply to this email. I'll send you a pdf copy.

If you participated in past retreats, you will notice that this year the retreat starts later and ends later: 5pm to 5pm.


Friday October 25
4:00pm                         Adults & equipment arrival & set up
5:00pm                         Youth arrive, set up sleeping quarters, meet in the lodge
6:00pm                         Dinner
6:30pm                         Orchestra Rehearsal (with break) (Mr Dunn)
8:30pm                         Introductions, Play whack-em (you'll like it) & other games. Create skit groups.          
10:00pm                        Bedtime
10:30pm                        Lights out

Saturday October 26
7:30am                          Rise & Shine, pack up, roll up sleeping bags, etc.
8:00am                          Breakfast
8:30am                          Orchestra Rehearsal including group picture (during break) (Mr Dunn)
11:00am                         Prepare Skits
11:30pm                         Skit Performances
12:30pm                         Lunch
1:00pm                           Orchestra Rehearsal & Music Clinic (with break) (Mr Dunn & Dr James McWhorter)
3:30pm                           Clean and check out of cabins; bring luggage to lodge
4:00pm                           Snack & one more game
4:30pm                           Final cleaning (lodge & bathrooms)
5:00-5:30pm                   Youth to be picked up, head home before dark (Sunset is 6:30pm)


My kids tell me this is NOT camping! The heated cabins have dorm-style bunkbeds with mattresses on them. The beds are more comfortable if you bring a blanket/quilt to put under your sleeping bag. 

Restroom & Shower Facilities:

There is a restroom facility in the main lodge, as well as restrooms with showers in a separate building with lovely hot water.
If you need to "go" at night, you will have to walk to the bathrooms (which have showers and even flush toilets Haha), or the lodge – so be prepared with some slip-on shoes!

What to Bring:

Instrument, Music, Music Stand, Pencil, Cushion (for hard cold chair)
Sleeping bag, Pillow, Extra Blanket, Change of clothes
Coat, Shoes/Boots (the weather forecast looks fantastic, so boots are probably not necessary)
Personal care items (toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, soap, towel)
Medicine (as approved on permission slip)

What NOT to Bring:
Electronic entertainment devices, Distractions, Any prohibited substance

Emergency Contact Information

Julie Gardner's cell phone will be on, but may not have any service (it didn't last year, for the most part). The number is 435.740.4335.
Alternately, if you need to get a message to someone, contact the Camp UTABA office at 801.745.3570.

Well, fabulous! Let's hope it all goes swimmingly!


Julie Gardner, Manager

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