02 October 2013


Morning, All!

Rehearsals are sounding great! Thanks for your commitment and hard work.

Just a couple items of business.

Retreat -- if going to the full retreat doesn't work for you, please come to everything that you can come to. The retreat replaces our rehearsal that weekend, and since we are taking fall break off, it also replaces that rehearsal. Ideally, everyone should come to the whole thing, but if you can't come to the whole thing, come to what you can. The proposed retreat schedule is attached. It is for all players -- woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings.  As you can see on the attached schedule, there are three rehearsals in that 24-hour period. Please do all you can to clear your calendar to participate as fully as possible. Permission forms are due by October 12.

Tuition -- if you did not get a chance to arrange tuition payments at the parent meeting last Saturday, please be sure to take care of it before the late fee is charged! 

Upcoming schedule
Regular Rehearsals -- October 5th, 12th
Fall Break -- October 19th
Retreat -- October 25th - 26th
Regular Rehearsals -- November 2nd, 9th, 16th
Dress Rehearsal and Concert -- November 23rd
Rehearsals resume after concert -- December 7th

Retreat information and permission form
Proposed retreat schedule
Acceptance and payment form

Julie Gardner
Conrad Dunn

PS If you are reading this online, email LincolnYouthSymphony@gmail.com for the attachments. 

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