15 April 2013

Party Info...

After this Saturday's 5:00 pm concert at BEMS, we are going to PARTY!
LYS and LYCO musicians are cordially invited to celebrate a great year!
The party will be after the concert, so will begin at approximately 7pm. 
(You may want to bring a change of clothes to put on after the concert since it will be nice weather and we'll be able to go outside!)
Please arrange to be picked up by 9:30pm (a few parents are welcome to stay & help out, but we won't have room for all of them!).
We can't have a party without food, so here are your food assignments:
Last Name A-I: Cookies/Brownies/Sheetcake/Finger-Dessert/Be Creative!
Last Name J-P: Veggie/Fruit Tray, Simple Finger Foods, Hors d'Oeuvres
Last Name Q-Z: Chips and Chips, or Chips and Dip, or other snacky type food
The party is at the Hammer's, 754 W 600 N, Brigham City.
Here are directions from the Middle School:
Head west to Main Street.  Drive north to 600 North.  Turn west (left) to 754 North.  If you cross rail road tracks, you went too far.  Look for a Moose on the porch.

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