16 April 2013

Concert Press Release LYS April 20, 2013

The Lincoln Youth Symphony and Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra have teamed up with the Chinese Program at Foothill Elementary School and Petsfirst! Wellness Center to present a dynamic FREE concert for their 2012-13 Season Finale, April 20, 2013, at 5:00 pm, Box Elder Middle School Auditorium, 18 South 500 East, Brigham City.

The concert will appeal to youth and adults alike, including Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Amanda Kippen,  performing I'm A Believer, Music for a Found Harmonium (from Napoleon Dynamite), and The Star of County Down.

Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra

The two orchestras will also combine to present a medley from Les Miserables conducted by Samuel Runolfson, LYS conductor.

Lincoln Youth Symphony
First graders from the Foothill Elementary Chinese dual enrollment program will present a short program of Chinese songs as a segue into Nathan Brown's performance.

Then Nathan Brown, selected from the LYS concerto competition and featured violinist from Bonneville High School in Riverdale and Lincoln Youth Symphony's Co-Concert Master,  will solo with LYS, performing excerpts from an incredible Chinese piece, The Butterfly Lovers Concerto.

About Nathan Brown:
At the age of 6, Nathan Brown learned the basics of violin playing with Steve Shupe. Three Suzuki books later, he began lessons with Scott Tanner, who sparked his interest in the violin. 

Nathan currently lives in Riverdale Utah, and is a junior at Bonneville High School. He is now under the tutelage of Dr. Shi-Hwa Wang at Weber State University, and Professor Monte Belknap at Brigham Young University.

He placed third in the UMTA Competition in 2012. Nathan has participated in Weber State's ASTA, and Solo & Ensemble, and has received superior ratings. He has been the concert master of Weber School District's Honor Orchestra, the Bonneville Youth Symphony, and now the Lincoln Youth Symphony. This year Nathan was selected to participate in All-State Orchestra which featured the finest youth musicians throughout the state of Utah.

Besides playing the violin, Nathan is an avid playing card collector and Ping Pong player. He enjoys traveling around the world, especially to Hong Kong. He attempted to learn the Guqin, and the Erhu, both Chinese instruments. Nathan also enjoys photography, singing, building Gundam models, and learning card tricks.

The concert will conclude with Lincoln Youth Symphony's performance of the exciting final movement of Dvorak's New World Symphony.

These youth symphonies are projects of the Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society (LBSS), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization funded by grants from the George S and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, the Utah Arts Council, our annual Gala Fundraiser Dinner & Silent Auction,and private donations. LBSS is also incredibly thankful for PetsFirst! Wellness Center's sponsorship of this season finale concert, making it possible to invite the audience free-of-charge.

Please visit their website for further information at www.LincolnYouthSymphony.com.

Details for This Saturday

The concert is this Saturday, April 20, 2013!

We will be rehearsing in the morning at Box Elder Middle School Auditorium, 18 S 500 E, Brigham City, during our regular extended rehearsal time, 8:30 to 11:30. I will be there early, and anyone willing to help set up is welcome. The last part of the rehearsal will be combined with LYCO again, and we may end early, depending on how things are going! 

I am looking for someone who has a covered trailer/truck that can help me haul 4 timpani, and some other random percussion equipment, that morning. One of the timpani is at my house, and the rest are at Promontory. :) If you'd like extra warm fuzzies, please give me a holler!

The call time for the concert is 4:30pm. The concert starts at 5:00pm, and will run about 1 1/2 hours. We will have some guests from the Chinese Dual Immersion Program at Foothill Elementary to lead in to our performance of the Butterfly Lovers Concerto. You won't want your family to miss it, especially since it has been sponsored by PetsFirst! Wellness Center and there will be no admission fees! It's FREE!

The party information was emailed out yesterday, and also handed out last Saturday! Plan to be there. If you missed the information, it's on the website posted on the blog. It will be great fun!

See you Saturday!

Julie & Sam

PS I will send out the Press Release today as well. :)


15 April 2013

Party Info...

After this Saturday's 5:00 pm concert at BEMS, we are going to PARTY!
LYS and LYCO musicians are cordially invited to celebrate a great year!
The party will be after the concert, so will begin at approximately 7pm. 
(You may want to bring a change of clothes to put on after the concert since it will be nice weather and we'll be able to go outside!)
Please arrange to be picked up by 9:30pm (a few parents are welcome to stay & help out, but we won't have room for all of them!).
We can't have a party without food, so here are your food assignments:
Last Name A-I: Cookies/Brownies/Sheetcake/Finger-Dessert/Be Creative!
Last Name J-P: Veggie/Fruit Tray, Simple Finger Foods, Hors d'Oeuvres
Last Name Q-Z: Chips and Chips, or Chips and Dip, or other snacky type food
The party is at the Hammer's, 754 W 600 N, Brigham City.
Here are directions from the Middle School:
Head west to Main Street.  Drive north to 600 North.  Turn west (left) to 754 North.  If you cross rail road tracks, you went too far.  Look for a Moose on the porch.

08 April 2013

Saturday, April 13, Extra Rehearsal for LYCO

Dear LYCO Musicians & Parents,

Each year we learn a piece at LYCO that we then combine with LYS to perform in the final concert. This year, we have been learning Les Miserables, and we are getting close to the concert. 

Your youth are needed at the LYS rehearsal THIS SATURDAY, April 13, for an extra rehearsal. We need them to arrive at 10:30 am and be ready to join LYS in the rehearsal by 10:45 am. Rehearsal will conclude at 11:30 am. 
This is in addition to their regular Tuesday rehearsals that are already scheduled.

Thank you for your support of this great organization!

This is going to be a great final concert. It will be on April 20, 2013, at 5pm, at BEMS, and it's going to be FREE admission, thanks to the sponsorship of Pets' First Wellness Center! Invite lots of friends and family!

Julie Gardner, LYS Manager
Carrie Rutherford, LYCO Manager

Rehearsal This Saturday


We are putting together our combined piece this coming Saturday, April 13, with LYCO and a pianist. In order to fit everything in that we need to prepare for the concert the following week, we need to extend the time of our rehearsal ... it will be from 8:30 to 11:30 am this Saturday, April 13. 

Please let your carpools and rides know of this change.


We are so looking forward to this FREE concert on April 20, 5pm, BEMS  (thanks to PETS FIRST WELLNESS CENTER for the sponsorship). 

Press Release to follow soon!

03 April 2013

Great News!

Our final concert coming up on April 20th has been sponsored by PetsFirst  Wellness Center.

This means they have covered the cost of renting the auditorium and admission will be FREE! We are deeply grateful for their support.

The concert will be April 20th, 5pm at Box Elder Middle School.

The press release will be sent soon. I just wanted you to have plenty of notice so you can invite friends and family.  

Also, our end-of-year party will be at Gabby Hammer's house after the concert.

More information to follow!

Julie and Sam

435 723 8262 home; 435 740 4335 cell

01 April 2013


Here are the revised cuts for the Butterfly Lovers Concerto! They are so much easier. Just be sure to really work on the section at 17. It's the hard part because it's FAST!

Start at Rehearsal 1.

Play through the first note at Rehearsal 5.

Cut to Rehearsal 17. Play to the end.

That's it!

Just thought I'd let you know since there were a few missing souls last Saturday!

:) Julie and Sam