29 March 2013


These are cuts for the Butterfly Lovers' Concerto:

Start piece at rehearsal 1

At Rehearsal 6 Hit first two eighth notes, repeat this measure without rest of the measure then cut to 14 before rehearsal 7

Cut 7 before rehearsal 8 to 4 before rehearsal 12.

Cut 8 before 13 (allegro molto) to 13.

Possible ending at 20 before rehearsal sixteen or cut from this to rehearsal 18

Cut rehearsal 20 to two before rehearsal 21

Cut 22 (after downbeat) to nine after rehearsal 24 (String parts only for first measure no winds/brass)

Good to the end after that. Subject to further cutting....



We would love to have an after-concert party on April 20th, and I am hoping someone will volunteer their home and backyard. 

This is a combined LYCO/LYS end-of-year party. The youth had a great time last year!

Please get back with me as soon as possible if you are willing to volunteer your home! 

:) Julie Gardner
home 435 723 8262; cell 435 740 4335; text 801 50 VIOLA

LYS Tomorrow!


Tomorrow is a regular rehearsal day. Here are a few announcements:

We will be having sectionals. Come prepared with questions. There will also be a list of cuts for the Butterfly Lovers Concerto Chinese piece so you know what to work on. 

In the Dvorak New World Symphony, we will only be doing the 4th Movement. Discretion is the better part of valor... It seems wise to choose a smaller portion of the music so we have the chance to work on the details and have a fine performance.

There is a cello bow that was left at Abravanel Hall in February. If you are missing a cello bow, contact me asap to find out how to claim it. I have not had anyone say they are missing a bow, but I just want you to know it's there if you are missing it!

See you all bright and early tomorrow, 8:30! 

Thank you to all the section specialists coming tomorrow. 

Julie & Sam

PS The concert is April 20 at 5pm.