23 February 2013

Please Reply


Sam and I would like an accurate count of who will/will not be at rehearsal next week, March 2nd. We would like to make an informed decision on whether to have section specialists, or whether we should put the rehearsal into suspended animation... (That's supposed to be funny, btw). Please reply asap with a yes/no for next week's rehearsal.

Also, welcome to Blaine (trombone), Layton (cello), and Courtney (violin). We are so glad to have you! We hope you had fun this morning!

In my last email, I offered FREE tuition for this last concert, but please be aware that there have been others from the symphony board out recruiting, and their message has been $40 for the rest of the year, if possible; and if not, a donation of some sort; and if not that, we will find a way to cover the cost. Do not let this dissuade you from coming, but realize that there is a cost involved with running the program and we would love for you to help out, if at all possible. I apologize for the mis-communication; please contact me personally if you feel the need.

Thanks to Doris for the cookies, juice and oranges this morning! What a nice surprise!

And have a lovely day... Be safe in the snow! I think it might even be wet enough for a snow fort or snowman. :)

Julie & Sam

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