22 February 2013

Please Read! :)

It feels like a new year with a new start, even though it's only February! We have been out in the community inviting all who might like to attend LYS and play for the last concert of the year for FREE. (With the hope, of course, that they will come back this fall as full-fledged members of the orchestra). This is a recruiting effort that will hopefully yield great results, grow the program, and give us more exposure. Let's work together to make a greater difference in our communities!

The Gala is right around the corner, March 2 at 6:00 at the Senior Center in Brigham City. This has been a great fundraiser in the past, and we are looking forward to another successful year. We are still in need of donations for the silent auction as well as ticket sales. Currently we have only sold about 36 tickets. The goal is 160! Remember we have each been asked to sell 4 tickets. Please bring your ticket money or donations tomorrow; we need to get a final count for the caterers. Let me know if you have questions. Here is the link to the long version of instructions, etc, that I sent out previously.

We will be turning in everything except Dvorak tomorrow -- so be sure you have all your music with you. This includes the 3 concertos (Bruch, Beethoven, Haydn), the Beethoven Symphony, Finlandia, Blue Tango, and whatever else you might have in your folder that shouldn't be there anymore! We will be handing out The Butterfly Lovers' Concerto (Nathan will be playing this), Les Miserables, and Autumn Leaves. 

Regular time tomorrow: 8:30 to 11:00 at Promontory School. Thank you to all the section specialists coming tomorrow! :)

Rite of Spring
The USU and Univ of Utah are combining for one final performance of Rite of Spring. This performance is tomorrow night in Logan. We encourage you to attend! It is one of those pieces that isn't often performed simply because of the massive number of musicians involved. Here is a link for tickets (just click on Rite of Spring). http://arts.usu.edu/

Have a lovely day! 

Julie & Sam

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