08 February 2013

LYS: Tidbits of Information... Please Read!


I've tried to keep this short. Please read through the whole thing, K?

Permission slips for Abravanel Hall

I have a list of people who have not yet handed in a permission slip. I will be sending an email to just those people. Please bring your slips tomorrow morning. 

Comp tickets for your friends

We have two STUDENT comp tickets for each of you, so invite your friends. They will be handed out tomorrow morning, and you can give them to your friends before the concert. (They arrived last week, but because we let out earlier than planned, most people didn't get them.)

Times & schedule for this Saturday

We will be at the school with percussion equipment no later than 8:15am. Our rehearsal time on stage will be 8:30 to 11:00, and LYCO will be waiting in the wings for their time, which is 11:00 to 12:00. Call time for the concert is 4:30. We perform second, after LYCO. Concert order: Beethoven Piano Concerto, Bruch Violin Concerto, Blue Tango, Haydn Cello Concerto, Finlandia. Remember to be ready to play through the Beethoven 7th, second movement, so we will be prepared for Abravanel Hall on Monday as well.

Looking for a volunteer to coordinate comp tickets & thank you notes

With our new efforts at outreach, we are looking for a volunteer parent who can coordinate printing and distribution of our comp tickets to different schools and organizations. We are also looking for someone to send thank-yous to the silent auction donors.

Gala Dinner & Silent Auction, March 2, 2013

There will be tickets for sale in the lobby at the concert, and they will ask who gets credit for each sale, for the contest! Remember, we need silent auction items! Have you found yours yet? The collaboration spreadsheet is here, please add your efforts so we can work together. 

Performance opportunity for solos or duets to support Meals on Wheels

The Meals on Wheels program is doing a fund raiser March 7, 2013, at 7:00 pm in the Box Elder High School auditorium. They are looking for 5-6 small classical numbers to add variety to their variety show. Here is the contact information for the person putting it together. They are looking for solos/duets/quartets. If you are serious about music, it's a great opportunity for you to perform! Call Iantha Folkman at 435.226.1452 or email her at idfolkman@yahoo.com if you are interested in performing.

No Rehearsal February 16th

I'm looking forward to a short break, and it makes sense to take one on the three-day weekend, especially after what is going to be a rather fun Saturday and Monday!

Thanks, everyone! 

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