24 October 2012

LYS Retreat Details

Retreat Details

Please bring a music stand! We have hauled our music stands to camp in the past, but we lack the transportation to do it this time. If everyone tries to remember to bring one (even if you normally share), then there will be enough stands! Please label your stand with your name. If it comes apart, label all the pieces.

The camp cook needs to know if there is anyone with special dietary needs. Please let me know asap.

Here is the schedule:

Retreat Schedule 2012
This will be our third annual retreat. Not only do we have fun, we get to know each other better, and experience a top quality workshop, as well as rehearse for our upcoming concert. If you cannot stay the night, please be sure to attend as much of the retreat as possible on either Friday evening or Saturday morning or both. We can let you know what the cost is for the meals you eat if you don't spend the night.

Friday October 26
3pm                               Adults, any youth helpers & equipment arrive & set up
3:45-4pm                        Youth arrive, pick a bed, stow their stuff, set up for rehearsal in the Lodge
4:15-6:15pm                    Orchestra Rehearsal
6:30pm                           Dinner (UTABA staff provides dinner)
7-7:30pm                        Play whack-em (you'll like it)
7:30-8:15pm                    Prepare skits / outrageous performances / weird instrument noise contest (Must be music-related and in good taste)
8:15pm                           Skits / performances /weird instrument noises
10:00pm                         Bed time
10:15pm                         Lights out

Saturday October 27
7am                               Rise & Shine, pack up, roll up sleeping bags, etc.
7:30am                           Breakfast (UTABA staff provides breakfast)
8-9:30am                        Workshop
9:30-10am                       Break / Free Time
10am-12pm                     Orchestra Rehearsal
12-12:30pm                     Lunch (UTABA staff provides lunch)
12:30-1pm                       Debrief (share what you learned)
1-2pm                            Break camp & head home


My kids tell me this is NOT camping! The heated cabins have dorm-style bunkbeds with mattresses on them. The beds are more comfortable if you bring a blanket/quilt to put under your sleeping bag. If you need to go at night, you will have to walk to the bathrooms (which have showers and even flush toilets J), or the lodge – so be prepared for inclement weather!

What to Bring

Music Stand
Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Extra Blanket, Coat, Snow-appropriate Shoes/Boots
Personal Hygiene items including toothbrush & toothpaste, washcloth, soap, towel
Change of clothes (warm clothes! It's in the mountains… and the weather is going to be iffy)
Great Attitude!


Camp UTABA is owned and operated by the Utah American Baptist Association. It is located in the Ogden Valley at 7005 North Fork Road, Liberty, UT 84310. For driving directions (depending on where you are coming from) visit their website at www.camputaba.org/drive.htm

Contact Information
Julie Gardner's cell phone will be on, but may not have any service. The number is 435.740.4335.
Alternately, if you need to get a message up there, contact the Camp UTABA office at 801.745.3570.

We'll see you up there! Woo Hoo!

Julie Gardner
Sam Runolfson

22 October 2012

Retreat is Coming Up! See You Friday!

Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society
P.O. Box 236, Brigham City, UT 84302
OCTOBER 26-27, 2012

     The Lincoln Youth Symphony is hosting an overnight music camp on Friday, October 26, 2012 to Saturday, October 27, 2012.  All youth participating in Lincoln Youth Symphony are requested to attend if at all possible (partial attendance is allowed in special circumstances).  There are two main goals of this camp:  to become better acquainted with our new conductor, Sam Runolfson, and your fellow orchestra members; and to delve into the concert repertoire the orchestra will perform November 17. There will be several different activities planned for the youth, including evening skits, outrageous musical performances, full orchestra rehearsals, and morning workshops led by experienced musicians.
     To keep their energy up, we will serve them three meals during the camp which should sustain them during all these activities. In their free time, the youth will be able to enjoy the fresh open air and beauty of this secluded camp in Ogden Valley during autumn. 
     There will be no bus service to the camp. Families are responsible for transportation and are encouraged to arrange carpooling.

WHERE:    Camp UTABA, a year-round heated camp facility in Ogden Valley, dedicated to offering affordable lodging for religious, educational, and family gatherings in a safe and beautiful environment.  It is 5 miles north from the bottom of the North Ogden Pass.  Please go to Camp UTABA’s website for further information: 
www.camputaba.org, 7005 North Fork Rd, Eden, UT 84310-9679, (801) 745-3570

WHEN:       Arrive Friday, October 26 between 3:45 and 4:00 pm;
                    Depart Saturday, October 27 between 1:45 and 2:00 pm.

COST:         Only $40.00, everything included, to be paid in addition to your membership fee;

SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTSCamp UTABA has heated cabins with 7 bunk beds each.  There will be 2 female chaperones and up to 12 girls per cabin; 2 male chaperones and up to 12 boys per cabin.

RESTROOMS & SHOWERS: There is a restroom facility in the main lodge, as well as restrooms and showers in a separate building with lovely hot water.

  • Instrument
  • Music
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Change of clothes
  • Personal care items
  • Towel(s) & Soap
  • Medicine
  • Extra Blanket
  • Cushion for hard cold chair

  • Electronic entertainment devices
  • Distractions
  • Any prohibited substance

06 October 2012

Prier String Quartet Celebration

A Message from Utah Symphony:


I've attached a flyer with information about a very special string quartet recital on October 20.

Peter Prier has created a tonally matched quartet of string instruments intended to be played together, as a quartet.  To celebrate this, four Utah Symphony musicians will give a recital on them at the Salt Lake City Recital Hall, 8 pm on October 20. The recital is free; donations are welcome. 

Please share this information with your youth orchestra and anyone else who might be interested.

-       Beverly

Beverly Hawkins
Symphony Education Manager

LYS Announcements!

Important Stuff here... Please read the whole email. Please. :)

Here is the announcement you've all been waiting for:

We are NOT changing any of the schedule! Yes, there will be a few people who miss Saturday Morning at the retreat for the ACT, but they can still come FRIDAY! We tried to change things, but it just wasn't working out - we would have missed about the same number of people the following week & would have had to change concerto auditions, into the bargain.

Here is the schedule for the next few weeks:

October 13
8:30 - 11:00 am, Rehearsal including sectionals & section specialists
11:15 am - 12:00 noon, Parent Meeting
Reminders: Bring the Payment & Acceptance form. Bring it with your payment on Saturday to the parent meeting. This was handed out today, and is also attached to this email, along with the Membership Information mentioned in the Acceptance form. :)

October 20
UEA Weekend
Practice Like Crazy; No Rehearsal

October 26-27
Retreat at Camp UTABA - Detailed schedule will be sent at later date, but please fill out permission form, even if you're only coming for part of the retreat.
(Information and Permission form ATTACHED to this email; please print, fill out, and bring next week.)

November 3
8:30-11:00 am, Regular Rehearsal 
Concerto Auditions 11:15 am (This will be addressed in a separate email for those preparing to audition.)

November 10
8:30-11:00 am, Rehearsal including sectionals & section specialists

November 17
8:30-11:00 am, Rehearsal on stage @ Box Elder Middle School, 18 South 500 East, Brigham City
5:00-6:30 pm, Concert! (Admission: $3 Adults, $2 Students/Seniors, $12 Families)

November 24
Thanksgiving Weekend! 
No Rehearsal.

December 1, 8, 15
8:30-11:00 am, Regular Rehearsals!

Well, then, Fabulous! We were incredibly blessed to have our section specialists today. Thank you Jesse, Amber, Becca, Catherine, Marianna, and Keri for your support! Sectionals next week, folks, so be sure to practice & come with questions. 

Thank you, Sam, for performing the Dynamics Speech today. I laughed so hard I cried. I will never think about Dynamics the same again. 

Julie Gardner
Sam Runolfson

PS If you are reading this as a post on the blog and need the forms mentioned as attachments, please contact me at LincolnYouthSymphony@gmail.com. I will be happy to send you the forms in PDF format via reply email.