29 September 2012

LYS: Fun Day!


Great rehearsal & auditions today! I could feel the energy in the room. Very cool. I think Sam's pretty fun! I hope you do too. (Thanks, Promontory, for our new rehearsal space!)

A few things I forgot to announce:

1. Be sure you pick up an acceptance and payment form next week if you didn't get one this week. 

2. Careful with the music: You are responsible to keep the music flat and in good condition. If the folder I gave you is too big for you, you may choose to alter the folder size or even use a different one, but if you have any over-sized music in your folder, then a smaller sized folder may not protect the music. Please be aware of the music!

3. Rehearsal next week is regular time: 8:30 to 11:00 am. We will hear any new members audition after rehearsal or during break. Bring pencils for marking music! 

4. If you are taking the ACT Oct 27, please hit reply and let me know RIGHT NOW. This is a potential problem because our retreat is that weekend. 

For the record: We sightread today. What great brain exercise this was! Brahms Hungarian Dance No 5, and Beethoven 7th Symphony, 2nd and then 1st movements. It is fun making music with Sam, even when he's singing. And even when the music is hard. 

Remember, bring friends, especially flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, & trombone players! And strings, too! :)

Highlight of the day: wasn't it just cool to have two oboes? I thought it was amazing.

Julie Gardner
Sam Runolfson

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