28 August 2012

LYS: Audition FAQ


Do I Need To Audition? 
Due to a timing issue, returning members of LYS need not audition this year. New members will audition before and after our rehearsal Sept 29.  Please note that this first rehearsal will be somewhat shortened and will run from 9:30am to 11am. All musicians & prospective musicians need to attend the rehearsal that day. 

Online Form for all new and returning musicians: 
Please fill out our online membership information form at this link. Management is happy when we know you are coming!

Online Appointment Scheduling for all NEW musicians:
An audition schedule has been posted and appointments can be made online. Click on the following link: Appointment Slots to access our online appointments. (You may have to click forward until you find Sept 29!). You need a free google calendar account to sign up, and when you set the appointment, it will appear on your calendar. If you need to change the appointment, simply delete the appointment on your calendar and it will open up a space for someone else on the appointment calendar. If you do not have Google Calendar, please contact me via email with the time you prefer and I will set it up for you - but it's easier to make changes, etc., if you have your own google calendar!

Google Calendar:
While you're at it, if you have google calendar, be sure to subscribe to the LYS calendar; it's called Lincoln Youth Symphony Orchestra. Then you'll always be up-to-date on what is going on!

Let me know if you need any help getting ready... 

We are so excited about this coming year! What a great adventure we are going to have. Please share this great opportunity with your friends. Lots of them!

Sam Runolfson
Julie Gardner

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