23 April 2012

LYS: Thanks for a great year! (and please take the survey!)


It was a great concert, and a great year! Thanks to everyone for your hard work and dedication this year... This includes musicians, parents, audience members, graduating seniors (BOO HOO! I will miss you!), private teachers, section specialists, conductors, board members, dinner & silent auction helpers, chaperons, our party host, and everyone in between!

May you have a wonderful summer. I sure hope to see all of you next year, or around town if you are graduating!

If you could take 5 minutes and participate in my ten-question survey, I would be most grateful. I value your opinions and feedback. It helps me plan for next year. I'd offer a piece of candy for your participation, but since it's online, I can only offer {{{warm fuzzies}}}! 

Thanks ahead of time. Here's the link:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WQYQ2GF

Last request
As announced in our concert, LYS is currently preparing to find a new conductor. If you have any suggestions or connections, please contact me. We will begin our search in the next week or so and will run an audition orchestra sometime this summer.

A big public THANK YOU to Robert Bott for his untiring efforts in our behalf, and all the fun we've had with him! We will miss you, Rob!

Have a great summer!

Julie Gardner

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