11 February 2012

Thank You ... Thank You!


Woo Hoo, the Gala's OVER, and it went wonderfully well tonight. Thanks to everyone who sold tickets, purchased tickets, served food, bid on auction items, cleaned up, entertained, made donations, smiled, laughed, procured donations for the auction... and everything else it takes to put on a fundraiser. I can't wait to hear how it went financially. Again, thank you!

It was a great rehearsal this morning too. If you missed, be sure to turn in your Mendelssohn, Saint-Saens, Liszt, and "From the New World" next week at rehearsal.

Also, we rehearsed Beethoven's Prometheus Overture. It's in your folders, so if you missed today for the ACT or some other reason, please pull it out and give it a look-see. We will be playing it at Abravanel Hall on Feb 27th along with the Tchaikovsky, the Haydn, and the Wagner. I will also pass out the Russian Sailor's Dance next week. We will be adding that to the Abravanel Hall Program as well.

I handed out the permission slips for Abravanel Hall today. Please return the bottom portion indicating your plans (riding bus, where you're getting on, or not riding bus, etc.) by Feb 25. Start talking to your teachers to get time off!

Thanks and Thanks again!

Julie Gardner
Robert Bott

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