06 February 2012

Great Concert! -- Prometheus coming up -- I-know-you're-tired-of-hearing-about-the-Gala


I have looked forward to the concerto concert for so long and it was totally worth it!  Thank you for all your hard work & musicality.  It was a great evening.

I will be collecting the music for the three concerti (plural of concerto) this Saturday, plus the extra piece (if you have it) 'From the New World Symphony'. Some have it, some don't.

There is one more 'neglected' piece in your folders--the Prometheus Overture. We are performing it at Abravanel Hall on February 27, so pull it out this week & dust it off & go over your notes & rhythms  before this Saturday!

Yes, the gala is this week. Saturday. Feb 11. 6 pm. Fun! Tickets may still be available if you contact Mrs Hammer @ 435 723 5880 Monday or Tuesday. 

If you haven't turned in your auction item, please be sure to put it in the spreadsheet & bring it Saturday--or drop it at my house during the week. Just contact me to make arrangements.

435 723 8262 home
435 740 4335 cell (please note -- new number)

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