05 November 2011

Retreat Confirmation (Extra Note)

I just sent an email like the one below to everyone, but with personal information in it. 

Please contact me if you did not receive one -- that will mean I made a MisTaKe! 

So, I'm hoping you all got it and that you read it to the very bottom! Please REPLY to the aforementioned personal email I sent so I know you received it and I know how to count you for overnight and meals!  :D

Thanks so much for being awesome!

-- Julie


I'm just writing to every member of LYS and double checking on plans for the retreat. I've listed below who I am planning on attending, and whether there are any specific scheduling issues for that student, and what their payment situation is. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for someone to carpool with. I'd be happy to connect people! The information sheet (which you keep) and permission form (which you turn in on Nov 12 in exchange for a cookie) are attached to today's email that I sent out earlier.

Student(s) attending:
Any scheduling conflicts:

I must have a solid headcount by the end of the weekend. I will be turning in numbers for meals & accommodations on Monday morning. 

Thanks so much!

Julie Gardner

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