15 October 2011

LYS: Yes, there's rehearsal next week!


Such a lovely day, and such a nice rehearsal! We are blessed to have the gift of music and be able to share it.

I'm so glad that Rob made it to rehearsal today. He has been sick and wasn't sure he would be there. Deep gratitude (especially on my part) that he was! 

Welcome to Liana Mudrow on string bass and to Paul Astorga on cello, as well as Anna Wolford on flute. Thanks for joining us!

Please be aware that there is rehearsal next week -- if you're in town, please come! 

Thanks to everyone who has filled out their calendar commitment forms. Please be sure to let me know if you have other conflicts throughout the year. I have a spreadsheet for the whole year, so don't hesitate to let me know now if your plans change! If you haven't turned in your form, just hand it to me at rehearsal. :)

  • Oct 22, Regular Rehearsal, 9-11:15am, ACYI (Kudos for coming over a school break!)
  • Oct 29, Regular Rehearsal, 9-11:15am, ACYI
  • Oct 29, Concerto Auditions, after rehearsal (I will be sending a separate email this week to the students who are doing this.)
  • Nov 5, Regular Rehearsal, 9-11:15am, ACYI
  • Nov 12, Dress Rehearsal (this means on the stage, but you don't have to be dressed up for it), 9-11am, BEMS (Middle School: 18 S 500 E, Brigham City)
  • Nov 12, First Concert, 5-6:30 pm, call time 4:30 pm, BEMS. LYCO will play first. 
  • Nov 18-19, Retreat! Papers will be going home soon for this. Please come talk to me if there are money issues, or conflicts, that I don't already know about. 

What a great year it's going to be! 

If you have friends who might be interested in LYS they should contact me (email is fine) before they come so I can be sure to have music there for them. Generally we will have them audition for us and then play in the rehearsal. Any student who is still thinking about it needs to contact me asap and plan to play for every rehearsal before the concert, or come audition and then plan to join after the concert (their first week would be retreat week).

Thanks so much!

Happy music-making,

Julie Gardner
Robert Bott

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